• Entry Plan - Dr. David Zerbe, Superintendent of Schools

    The purpose of this entry plan is to establish a set of activities that will guide Dr. Zerbe's transition in the role of Superintendent of the Methacton School District. It is critical to the initial and long term progress of the district that activities are established to enable the Dr. Zerbe to gather information quickly about the community and the organization. In an effort to develop relationships, examine critical issues, and establish an initial set of priorities, he has identified these critical activities that will assist in completing this work. 

    The overall objective of the entry plan is to listen, learn, and lead. This entry plan has four phases:

    The Methacton community is invited and encouraged to follow Dr. Zerbe's progress by reading his blog updates posted on each page. This will provide periodic updates as to the completion of each of the three phases of the plan, as well as news about how interested members of our community can participate in community forums, surveys, and other information gathering opportunities.

    Dr. Zerbe also invites feedback at any time by email, simple contact him at dzerbe@methacton.org, or contact his office at 610-489-5000, ext. 15001.