• The Methacton School District provides guidance services for pupils in both elementary and secondary schools. Their basic function is the education and development of all pupils for individual fulfillment, including help in the decision-making process, and recognition of realistic goals. The guidance program is designed to enable students to utilize their own resources, to support the process of self understanding, planning, and coping with problems. Counselors are available to parents, teachers, and students for academic and personal problems that may arise throughout the school year. Call your child’s school to speak with counselors assigned to that building.

    Crisis Prevention

    The following telephone numbers are provided by the Methacton Counselors. The Counselors are available to any student who would like help dealing with difficult situations including drug and/or alcohol abuse, family problems and/or depression.

    Help Hotline (Alternatives) 610-327-1601
    National Institute on Drug Abuse 1-800-662-HELP
    Alcoholics Anonymous 215-923-7900
    Alateen 215-222-5244
    Overeaters Anonymous 610-565-9695