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    Emergency Notification System - Important details and frequently asked questions.

    What is SchoolMessenger?

    SchoolMessenger enables school administration to efficiently communicate with our families via an automated system. The primary uses of the system will be to notify you of delayed openings, early dismissals, school closings, and emergencies. This will enable the district to disseminate information to each of our families in the most time-efficient manner possible in a variety of methods - including phone calls, email, and text message. You may contact the Communications Office at 610-489-5000, ext. 15095, or e-mail information@methacton.org with questions.

    How will the system be used?

    • School Closings/Delayed Openings/Early Dismissals – In addition to using SchoolMessenger for this purpose, the district will continue to communicate school closing announcements via our website, Lower Providence Township Community Access Channel 27 (Comcast Cable) and KYW NewsRadio 1060AM.
    • Important Communications
      In the event that a school bus should run late, an event should be rescheduled at the last minute or other critical information should need to be conveyed to parents as soon as possible, and we cannot be reasonably assured that families will receive the information by e-mail in enough time should action be required on the part of the parent, a call will be placed to the contacts you designate within the system.  In some situations, an e-mail will be sufficient.  Cancellation of after school activities and events re-scheduled days in advance are examples.
    • Emergency
      In extreme emergency situations, the message may provide critical information and/or emergency instructions. Messages of this nature will be distributed to all available contacts entered into the system.
    • Attendance
      MHS, Arcola, and Skyview utilize SchoolMessenger to place safe-at-home and attendance calls. 
    How do I update my contact information if there is a change?
    Contact information is carried over automatically from the PowerSchool student information system. Please contact your building secretary to ensure that your contact information is up to date. 
    Will my children automatically be advanced a grade and moved from the elementary school lists to Skyview, Arcola and MHS as they progress through Methacton?
    Yes.  These changes will be made automatically.
    What do I do if I think a call was placed, but I didn't get one?
    Not all calls generated with SchoolMessenger are sent to all families.  Often, information is only sent to those directly affected.  For example, if a field trip bus is expected to return late to an elementary school, only those families whose children are on that bus would be contacted.  If one of our schools has an emergency, a call may only be generated to the families of students in that school, but an e-mail might be sent to all families so that everyone has the benefit of accurate information about an emergency.  In most circumstances, duplicate information will be on the District's homepage within minutes of the SchoolMessenger system activation.  If you believe you were missed, go to the website first to get accurate information.  If you do not have access to the Internet, call the District office or your school at 610-489-5000.  
    I received an e-mail, but no phone call - was I missed?
    Probably not.  Not all situations will warrant a phone call.  District administration will make the determination as to when to make calls and when to send e-mails only.  
    I have an extension at work, can I add that number to SchoolMessenger?
    The SchoolMessenger system can only accept direct dial numbers. Check with your employer to determine if you have a direct dial number in addition to your extension.
    Other Important Details:
    1. Your caller ID will display your the district's main number, 610-489-5000, anytime a call is coming through from the school. Caller ID will not display a name associated with the number.
    2. Your caller ID will display 411 anytime an emergency call is coming through from the school. Caller ID will not display a name associated with the number.
    3. The system will leave a message on your voicemail or answering machine. If you have a Privacy Director on your telephone lines you may not receive the call. For example, with Privacy Director all incoming calls are rerouted and the callers must identify themselves for the call to go through. Because our system is automated it will not identify itself thus the call will not get through to your number.