• Frequently Asked Transportation Questions 

    When will I know my child’s bus stop location and times for the upcoming school year?

    What time should I have my child at the bus stop?

    • Please have your student arrive at the bus stop approximately ten (10) minutes before their scheduled pick-up time and wait a safe distance away from the road for their bus. We ask for your patience with fluctuations in the schedule during the first few weeks of the school year. Pick-up and drop-off times become more consistent after the first few weeks of a new school year.

    Why can’t the bus stop at my house when it drives right by anyway?

    • We create our bus routes with the highest level of safety and timeliness in mind. Increasing the frequency of bus stops in a neighborhood increases the students’ bus ride times and unfortunately, increases the chances that an impatient motorist may attempt to pass the bus. Every attempt is made to place bus stops at locations that are central to the largest group of students in a neighborhood.

    I can’t see my child at the bus stop from my house. What should I do?

    • In order to create safe and efficient bus routes, not all bus stops will be visible from a parent’s house.  We believe that student transportation safety is a responsibility that is shared between the district and our families. Parents can ensure their child’s safety by accompanying them to the bus stop to confirm that their child is behaving appropriately and waiting for the bus at a safe distance from the road. Alternatively, safety responsibilities can be shared among other parents at the bus stop.

    How long will my child be riding on the bus?

    • While there are no bus ride time requirements set by law or regulations, we strive to keep the bus ride time to and from a Methacton School District school to 50 minutes or less.

    Why is my child’s bus late?

    • Unusually heavy traffic, motor vehicle accidents on roadways, and weather conditions are generally responsible for most school bus delays. Please know that we do everything possible to have all of our buses running safely and on schedule every day. If a bus is running 15 minutes late, the school district will send a message to the parents of children on that particular route. In the event that you need to call the transportation department (610-489-5078) to inquire about your child’s bus, please know your child’s bus number and the address or intersection of your bus stop. 

    Does the bus have assigned seats?

    • We strive to have all kindergarten students sit in the front of the bus in the rows immediately behind the bus driver.  In addition, our bus drivers are permitted to assign seats to students on a case-by-case basis for the optimal safety of our students and drivers.

    Do you have a lost and found for items my child forgets on the bus?

    • Bus drivers will routinely collect any items that are left behind on our buses at the end of the school day. Generally, the bus driver will keep clothing, lunch boxes, and smaller items on the bus in case a student asks about them. Larger items are turned in to the transportation department.  We try to identify the owner of the item and then return the item to the school building that the student attends.

    As a parent, can I get on the school bus to talk to the driver or my child?

    • To ensure the safety of our students and the efficiency of our bus schedules, a parent or other adult may not get on a school bus. PA legislature passed a Bill in 2001 that states in part “…any person who shall unlawfully and willfully stop, impeded, delay, or detain any public school bus being operated for public school purposes shall be guilty of a class one misdemeanor...”.