• Technology Education courses provide hands-on learning experiences along with skill development fostering the understanding of “technology” by the student. By practicing
    a variety of methods and processes, students develop the ability to evaluate the quality of finished products as well as develop work ethics in the timely completion of

    • Technology Education is an academic setting in which success depends on the application of learned skills, cooperation and the social interaction among students.

    • Students may select a one semester course in Technology Education or select a combination of a 2 progressive level courses (such as Technology Education I and
      Technology Education II) for a full year of credit in the curriculum.

    • Students can also select a combination of a 2 different Technology courses to explore a variety of skills and subject content for a full year in Technology Education.

    • Student planning careers in engineering, the sciences, management, sales, or general employment can benefit from a series of Technology Education courses.

    • Communication courses and drafting courses are particularly valuable for students considering engineering, graphic design, photography, and architecture.

    • Technology Education courses can help fulfill the humanities graduation requirement.