The Methacton School District, with its strong tradition of excellence, will challenge all students to achieve their greatest potential and create a vibrant community of learners who appreciate diversity and will lead and succeed in a dynamic global society.
    Learn, Lead, Succeed - Together

    Goals for Technology - Instructional

    Goals for Technology - Non-Instructional

    » To provide and enhance development
    and application of life-long learning skills,
    including collaboration, problem solving,
    effective communication, creative thinking,
    and resourcefulness while maintaining
    ethical standards in an increasingly diverse
    digital global environment to create astute,
    digital citizens.
    » District students, teachers, administrators,
    and staff will responsibly use appropriate
    technology to communicate, solve problems,
    and access, manage, integrate, evaluate,
    and create information to improve learning
    in all subject areas and transfer skills to
    acquire lifelong knowledge and proficiency.
    » The District will provide current technology,
    training, and resources to promote
    technology integration for advanced
    academic achievement.

    » Maintain and develop technology and
    integration services, which support and
    improve the effectiveness of the district’s
    mission for all stakeholders.
    » Research, enhance, acquire, and implement
    technology solutions to support current and
    emergent needs of the district.
    » Instruct students, staff, and administrators
    on proper use; maintain standards and best
    practices, as well monitor and track system
    usage, integrity and reliability.