• Welcome to the Office of Safety

    Keeping students and staff safe is one of the highest priorities of the Methacton School District. The district engages our building administrators, faculty, staff and students in frequent drills and training sessions that utilize recognized best practices. The Methacton School District partners with third-party organizations to provide our security staff, to take advantage of potential grant opportunities, and to keep on top of research and emerging trends in school safety.

    standard response protocol

    The Methacton School District utilizes a nationally-recognized Standard Response Protocol (SRP) as a national standard in school safety. Our school administrators, teachers, staff, and students are engaged in trainings to provide this SRP as a common language throughout the school district.

Safety Overview

  • Meet the Team

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Communications

  • Partnerships & Trainings

  • Visitor Registry

  • School Resource Officers

  • School Counseling and Mental Health