• November 2, 2020

    Dear Methacton Families,

    Beginning November 9, 2020, students will begin attending on premises schooling in a hybrid delivery model. We are phasing in the grades during the week of November 9. Please be aware that for the week of November 9, there will be a need for teachers to address routines and other practices specific to on premises students. All students (on premises and online students) will be receiving live instruction these days; however, there may be additional periods of time when independent work may be required.

    Notification of hybrid student grouping will be available in the Power School Parent Portal beginning on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 2pm. Students and parents can see their assigned group by logging in at https://powerschool.methacton.org/guardian/ and selecting the “School Information” menu option. The student’s assigned Learning Model will be displayed on this page.

    The School Information link will show one of the following designations:


    Empower (M, W)

    Inspire (T, Th)

    Succeed (M, T, W, Th)

    Full Time (5 days)


    Virtual (M-F)




    Please know that we appreciate the patience that our students and families have shown throughout this process. We made every reasonable attempt to organize the hybrid groupings appropriately. If there are extenuating circumstances or hardships regarding your child’s designation, please contact your child’s Principal via email. Please keep in mind the following rules when making a request:

    Switching days – The district made every effort to accommodate the preferences indicated in the student selection form. In order to comply with the approved Health and Safety Plan we will not be switching any days at this time.*

    Move from All Online to Hybrid - Request to move from all online to hybrid will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please know these requests may not be honored or achievable. There will be no preference to days of the week and documentation of actual hardship may be required. This process will be time consuming and will require the child to remain in the all online group until such time that an appropriate determination can be made. We will make a determination within 7 school days of the request.*

    Move from Hybrid to All Online - Request to move from hybrid to all online may occur with the understanding that once approved, you will be assigned to that model for the remainder of the term ending January 28, 2021. We will make a determination within 7 school days of the request.*

    *Considerations for any changes for students with an IEP will be determined by the IEP team.



    November Schedule


    Dr. David Zerbe

    Superintendent of Schools