• Instructional  Support Team

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    Helping students succeed one child at a time.





    Who can refer a student to the team?

     A parent, or any teacher who is part of the student’s educational environment, may refer a student to IST.

    Why is the student being referred to the IST?

    The Methacton Instructional Support Team (IST was developed to assist those students who have been experiencing academic and/or behavioral difficulties, which impact their ability to learn.   It is through this program that specific instructional strategies are developed and implemented in the regular classroom. These approaches are quantitatively monitored by a Methacton Instructional Support Specialist, so as to determine their level of effectiveness in fostering student success.


    Who is on the Instructional Support Team?

    The team includes the parents, classroom teacher, principal, counselor, psychologist, speech clinician, reading specialist, math specialist, special education representative, school nurse, special area representative and instructional support teacher.


                          What happens when the student is referred to the

                                                  Instructional Support Team?      

    The teacher will inform the parent(s) or guardian(s) that he or she has concerns about the student.  Then, the Instructional Support Specialist will contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) regarding the student's strengths and concerns.  Academic and behavioral data will be collected by the teachers and other staff who work with the student. They include:

          • Counselor                                 

          • Reading Specialist

          • Math Specialist

          • Speech Clinician

          • Nurse

          • Art teacher

          • Music teacher

          • Physical Education teacher

          • Librarian

          • Instructional Support teacher

    The Instructional Support Teacher will observe the student in the classroom,  administer reading and math assessments and conduct a student interview.  The  Instructional Support Teacher will contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) to obtain your input regarding the child.  She will also explain the IST process and answer any questions you may have.


    Time Line for IST Process

         At the Initial Meeting, the  team will develop an Action Plan to include:  

    • discussion of strengths / concerns

    • 30-school-day measurable goal for the student

    • brainstorming strategies to support goal

    • scheduling a Follow-Up Meeting

    There will then be a 30-school-day intervention period in which:

    • strategies will be implemented and strategies will be documented

    • quantitative data will be reported to IST specialist 

    • a Goal Attainment Scale will be completed, reflecting the degree of student success

         At the Follow-Up Meeting the following will  presented and discussed:

    • Goal Attainment Scale

    • strategy outcomes and modifications

    • necessity for continued IST intervention

    • if IST continues, further action plans will be determined

    • if IST is not successful, other options may be discussed

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