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    The Special Education Alliance provides a network of support for parents and caregivers of students with developmental or physical disabilities. The SEA offers access to relevant information and education while providing opportunities to connect with other parents/caregivers. We advocate for the collaboration among families, school administrators, educators and professionals to foster successful educational outcomes.


    The SEA was formed in the fall of 2016 and functions as a committee under the MCC. Our planning committee includes dedicated parents representing our district schools. Our members are committed to serving as SEA representatives and liaisons at each Home & School meeting to share the SEA mission and to keep each school updated with future meeting dates and topics. 

    We are part of Methacton’s Home & School. 

    The Methacton Special Education Alliance (SEA) is a committee under the Methacton Coordinating Council (MCC), an umbrella organization promoting and supporting the Home & School organizations at Methacton.

    District Collaboration

    The SEA partners with the district to identify professionals to speak, train or consult, who offer strategic opportunities to effect positive change in special education at Methacton. We schedule regular meetings with school administration and the board to share feedback and collaborate on new and existing initiatives. 

    Ways to Engage with the SEA

    • Attend speaker presentations to get information relevant to your family’s needs.
    • Attend parent and family social events to connect with others who understand the journey.

    Stay connected!  

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