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    SEA A Year in Review 2022-2023





    The Special Education Alliance (SEA) of Methacton was formed in the fall of 2016 as a committee of the Methacton Coordinating Council. In March 2023, the SEA became a Home & School Department of the MCC. The SEA's members are committed parents serving as representatives and liaisons at each Home & School meeting in the district to share the SEA mission and to provide updates on its activities.




    The Special Education Alliance Home & School (H & S) provides a network of support for parents and caregivers of students with developmental or physical disabilities. The SEA H & S offers access to relevant information and education while providing opportunities to connect with other parents and caregivers. We advocate for collaboration among families, school administrators, educators and professionals, to foster successful educational outcomes.


    Meet the SEA Home & School Officers

    SEA Board

    President: Reba Mann,  seapresidentmethacton@gmail.com

    Co-Vice Presidents: Sandy Katz and Jodi Kohar,  seavpmethacton@gmail.com

    Treasurer: Michelle Jackson-Greenawalt,  seatreasurer@gmail.com

    Co-Secretaries: Julie Stephens,  seamethacton@gmail.com

                                         Amy Smith,  seasecretarymethacton@gmail.com



    Key links to Methacton Special Education:

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    Gifted Education

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