• Posted 10/22/2020 at 12:55pm, updated 10/28/2020 2:30pm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We will use this section to address frequently asked questions as related to our on premises hybrid instruction. Please select the question to reveal its response.

  • How can I get my hybrid group preference?

  • We selected the hybrid model. Will it be possible for our students to attend class virtually on their normally scheduled in class days if for some reason they cannot attend in person? As an example if a child has a cough, but isn't ill or has to quarantine due to exposure to someone?

  • Will any accommodation be made to ensure that all children from the same household will attend school on the same days?

  • Masks for both speech and Wilson reading is a disservice to the children not being able to see the teacher’s lips/mouth. Has Plexiglas partitions been considered?

  • Are GIEP students able to choose 4-day hybrids?

  • My daughter will be attending in the hybrid model. She is receiving also support to improve her language and communications. Does it mean anything in terms of days that she will be attending?

  • After researching and exploring the website about picking what we do on November 9th, I failed to locate any information on how long the decision lasts. My question is how long are we bound to our answer? Is this something that is re-evaluated for each marking period? Also, are we bound to our answer once we pick it? Say we go hybrid but feel as though the proper precautions are not being taken, are we able to switch back to virtual?

  • I read that kids with an IEP can attend school 4 days a week in the upcoming marking period. I would like to have my child attend 4 days. Is that possible? He has a GIEP.

  • Will there be some sort of orientation for students transitioning into a new building?

  • I am reaching out to see if I can get some clarification regarding the return to the hybrid model and how it will pertain to the children who are attending NMTCC and also have IEP’s in place. If we choose to send our child back to school 4 days on premise, I am wondering what he will be doing on Tuesday and Thursday when he is supposed to be at NMTCC for welding, history and lunch. How will the high school accommodate him and other students who might be in the same situation?

  • Will you provide transportation to students enrolled in before and after school care?

  • Will the students be in cohorts? It was discussed that the teachers will be coming to the room instead of the students traveling throughout the building. However, it was not discussed if the students will be in cohorts for recess or lunch.

  • In regards to IEP, will the instruction occur in person if they are at school or continue to be virtual?

  • If we decide to send our children in person ,are we able to opt out if things are not working out? And vice versa at another point in time can switch if we choose?

  • In the school setting, both the reopening guidelines and video, show the students using their Chromebook devices in the classroom. If we are returning to a somewhat normal school environment with the social distancing in place why are we continuing to use computers?