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    Methacton Online

    Methacton Online is a 100% virtual educational program for students K-12 that uses the online Google Classroom platform and focuses on three main areas: Instruction, Assessment, and Social-Emotional Learning.  These areas are addressed through a common and consistent routine to promote organization and successful participation for all.  The virtual classroom is based on the same high-quality curriculum as our brick and mortar classrooms and uses the same high-quality resources.

    All students have access to a Google Classroom for each of their core classes as well as special areas/electives.  Co-teachers, special education/gifted teachers, specialists, and support personnel work with the classroom teacher to provide breakout sessions for additional support and enrichment for all students.  Students interact with teachers on a daily basis and work to develop their skills through independent practice for which they are provided feedback.  Support is available as needed while students complete independent assignments.  Related services are provided virtually as well.

    What can you expect with Methacton Online?

    • A blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction
    • Continuous access to asynchronous instruction for review and enrichment
    • Assignments structured for completion within specified due dates
    • Opportunities to work with peers
    • Teachers will provide feedback for learning for live and independent assignments
    • Access to support from Methacton staff for completing independent assignments
    • Consistent Routines and daily schedule similar to on premise schedule

    What will live instruction look like?

    • Synchronous via an online meeting platform
    • Mix of whole class, small group and individual virtual meetings
    • Live-stream of classroom instruction for viewing only for some courses
    • One to one sessions during office hours
    • All instruction planned and supported by Methacton Staff

    What does asynchronous instruction look like?

    • Recorded lessons by Methacton Teachers and some by 3rd party content
    • Methacton Teacher created videos
    • Instruction via our district approved resources (online texts, learning platforms)
    • Class discussions via posts
    • Feedback provided by Methacton Teachers

    Who can enroll in the Methacton Online?

    • Any student who is eligible to enroll in a Methacton school can enroll in Methacton Online
    • Enrollment is conducted online
    • Students who choose to enroll should plan to remain in Methacton Online for the 20-21 school year District will assess student progress mid- school year
    • Students who need to quarantine due to Covid-19 may be enrolled in Methacton Online by the district for the duration of their quarantine period

    What will Assessment and Grading look like?

    • Students will be issued benchmark assessments at the start of the year in selected subjects to determine learning gaps and strengths These will be used for planning instruction
    • Student learning will be assessed throughout the school year in a variety of mediums including pencil and paper tests, online tests, presentations, labs and projects
    • Grades will be issued using the same grading scale as our on premise in school classes

    What materials and supplies will be provided to my child?

    • Students will be issued textbooks and resources the same as if they were attending on premise
    • Students grades 3-12 will be issued their own Chromebook
    • Students in grades K-2 can request a device if needed

    How will my child know how to use Google Classroom and the programs used?

    • Start of the year activities will include explicit instruction on the use of the Google Classroom, Google Tools and the programs selected by Methacton for use in the Google Classrooms
    • Parent workshops will be provided on the use of these tools
    • Videos will be available to all for on demand review of tools

    How will my child get to know their teacher and classmates?

    • Start of the year activities will focus on introductions and building relationships
    • Activities will be planned for regular opportunities to address Social and Emotional needs

    What other supports will be available to my child?

    • Students can participate in school events and activities as per regulations
    • Scheduled opportunities to exchange materials with school
    • Counselors are available to work with students for academic and social emotional needs
    • Nursing staff is available for issues related to health and school performance
    • District administrators are available to support students learning and growth

    What supports are available for parents?

    • Workshops for Google Classroom and related tools will be offered throughout the school year
    • District Administrators and Counselors are available to answer questions about student progress and needs
    • Conferences will be held in line with the district calendar to keep parents informed

    If you are considering enrolling your child in Methacton Online, please do the following:

    1. Obtain your child’s student ID before proceeding – “How to obtain your child’s ID
    2. Complete the Enroll Now form
      1. Final date to enroll in Methacton Online for students going into K-8 is August 5, 2020
      2. Final date to enroll in Methacton Online for students going into 9-12 is August 5, 2020 ***enrollment date extended as of 7/28/2020***)

    Contact MethactonOnline@methacton.org if you have additional questions.