• Methacton Virtual Learning F.A.Q. for Parents and Students

    We recognize this has been a very challenging time for our school community and understand that you may have questions as you assist your child(ren) with vitural learning. The best resource for getting answers to many of your questions will be by reaching out to your child's teacher. Here are some other helpful answers to frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.):

    What is Google Classroom?

    • Click HERE for a Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom.

    I don’t know how to sign into my student’s account to access the Google Classroom.

    I need the access code so my child can join their teacher’s Google Classroom. How do I receive the code?

    I tried to sign my student into their account and now it says the account is locked.

    I/My student doesn’t remember their student email and/or password to log into the account.

    • Click HERE to help your child with email or password. 

    Where should my student go to sign in for daily attendance?

    • Click HERE for directions to sign in for attendance.

    During the first weeks of the school closure, my student used Educere as their learning platform. Is that program still available?

    • The teacher led Google Classroom is our district's required learning platform. However, the Educere learning environment is still available as an additional resource to students. Your student may continue to access Educere by using the credentials emailed to their email account during the week of March 16th.

    I have several children who need to use the same device. When my first student is done, and I try to log on my second student, I cannot access my second student’s account because it says my first student is still signed in.

    • You must completely sign out of any programs your first student was using. For example, if a student is signed into Student Launchpad, Google Classroom, email, and other programs, you must sign out of EACH program before signing in as the second student.

    My student is not using district-issued Chromebook and is having difficulty accessing some of the sections within Google Classroom.

    • Its best practice to make sure to use the Chrome browser to minimize any potential accessibility issues since many of our educational tools are linked to the Google platform. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

    I don’t believe my child is getting emails. I emailed their student email account and the email never came in.

    • Students cannot receive outside emails from unauthorized individuals/groups to their student email accounts. The system was developed this way for the safety of the student.

    I’m having a problem with my district-issued Chromebook. What should I do?

    • Please reach out to your student’s teacher for assistance.

    My district-issued Chromebook isn’t working (broken screen, keyboard, case, power, etc.)

    • Please click HERE to fill out the MSD Chromebook Support Form. 

    I forgot my PowerSchool username and/or password.

    • Click HERE for account recovery. 

    I’m not receiving emails from the district/building principal. How can I get on the list?

    • Your account information and contacts that are recorded in the SchoolMessenger system based on the information you’ve provided to your child’s school for PowerSchool, our child accounting system. Please verify your contact information is correct in PowerSchool by signing in HERE. For directions to access your existing SchoolMessenger account or to create a new account, please click HERE.

    Who should I contact with additional PowerSchool and/or SchoolMessenger related questions, questions about the website and its contents, accessing virtual Board meetings, etc.?