• The Arcola Philanthropy Club rounded out its year by making five generous donations to area nonprofits that support children and families. The donations went to the following charities:

    • Variety Club | $1500 for sensory objects
    • Team Children | $1200 for computers
    • American Youth Literacy Foundation | $1000 for Kindle tutoring program
    • Literacy Council of Norristown | $1200 for instructional materials
    • Sebastian Riding Associates | $1200 for supplies

    A very special thank you to Phoenixville Community Health Foundation for sponsoring the Arcola Philanthropy Club.

    Members of the Philanthropy Club at Arcola are: Sani Baird, Angela Bravo, Austin Byrne, Audrianna Cassidy, Jack DePiano, Marisa DiPaolo, Abby Drummond, Ethan Kirschner, Johnny Medina, Matt Nicholson, Chris Sandner, Ava Sgarra, Paul Toaso, Deanna Williams. The Philanthropy Club advisors are: Mr. Mark Mueller and Ms. Eileen Corrado