• Annual Report  

    This report provides a review of the district's administration, demographics, academic performance, successes and achievements, partnerships and financials of the preceding year. In addition to serving as an accountability piece, the publication helps to further the district's efforts to raise awareness of the work being done and give our stakeholders a snapshot of what we are able to accomplish with the resources and support provided to us.

    Notification of Correction of 2021-2022 Annual Report (posted December 6, 2022):

    The Methacton School District distributes their annual report each November to the residents in Worcester and Lower Providence Township. The annual report highlights the previous year’s student and district accomplishments along with providing data on many things including enrollment, rank and budget.

    The annual report normally contains the audited budget numbers from the previous school year. However, the 2021-2022 Annual Report was issued in advance of a final audit on the budget in addition to including a clerical error. The 2021-2022 FY audit will come before the Board of School Directors in January 2023 (due to switch in audit firms). In the interest of correcting the error immediately, we are providing this notification of correction inclusive of figures provided by our auditors:

    NOTE: Actuals include Shannondell Tax Appeal Escrow of $7,193,687 and other grants received that were not part of the original $114,392,641 budget.

    Revenue                           $127,419,531

    Expenditure                     $127,913,072

    Surplus/(Loss)                 ($493,541)