• Comments, Concerns, & Questions

    Office hours are 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    The Methacton School District encourages parents and guardians to communicate with the district regarding their child or related district operations. When a question or concern occurs, the parent or guardian should attempt to resolve it at the local school level if it is about their child or through the appropriate department if it is a general inquiry or question. Any questions or concerns directed to district administration or the board shall be referred to the local level for resolution.
    If you would like to ask a question or share a concern about your child, speak to your child's teacher first. Additional contact can be made with the elementary building principal, or at the secondary level, the appropriate grade level administrator, after first speaking with your child's teacher. Building principals can be reached by dialing 610-489-5000 and entering the appropriate extensions as listed below, or by e-mail as indicated.
    Methacton High School
    Dr. Deb Euker, Principal
    Ext. 25027
    Daniel C. Bontempo - Assistant Principal
    Ext. 25047
    Dr. Karey Kochenour - Assistant Principal Ext. 25047 kkochenour@methacton.org
    Dr. Paul Spiewak -  Assistant Principal Ext. 25054 pspiewak@methacton.org 
    John Smink - Athletics & Activities Ext. 25058 jsmink@methacton.org
    Arcola Intermediate School
    Michael Bourdreau, Principal
    Ext. 30232
    Gerald Thompson, Asst. Principal
    Ext. 30213
    Skyview Upper Elementary School
    Dr. Nicole Berical, Principal
    Ext. 34200
    John Conran, Assistant Principal (Administrator on Assignment) Ext. 34200  jconran@methacton.org
    Arrowhead Elementary School    
    Dr. Aaron Roberts, Principal Ext. 44200 aroberts@methacton.org
    Eagleville Elementary School    
    Rob Corcoran, Principal Ext. 41200 rcorcoran@methacton.org
    Woodland Elementary School    
    Dr. Robert Milrod, Interim Principal Ext. 43201 rmilrod@methacton.org
    Worcester Elementary School    
    Joyce Amici, Principal Ext. 40201 jamici@methacton.org
    For general questions or concerns about any part of the District’s operations, please refer to the easy reference guide provided below (by phone, dial 610-489-5000, and enter the extension indicated). Also listed are just a few examples of the areas of responsibility for these offices and personnel.


    John Smink, Assistant Principal for Athletics and Activities
    Ext. 25054 or jsmink@methacton.org

    • Coaching questions
    • Team schedules
    • Field locations
    • Directions to games


    Jennifer Johnson, Home and School Visitor
    Ext. 25406 or jjohnson@methacton.org

    • Free and reduced lunches
    • Truancy matters




    Douglas Kenwood, Director of Facilities



    Dr. Jason Sorgini, Director of Human Resources, 

    Ext. 15041 or jsorgini@methacton.org

    • Open positions within the district
    • Contractual agreements with employee groups


    Tim Bricker, Director of Business Services

    Ext. 15081 or tbricker@methacton.org

    • School taxes
    • District budgeting
    • Audits


    Dr. Che Regina, Assistant Superintendent

    Ext. 15041 or cregina@methacton.org

    • Emergency response planning


    Amanda Kelly, Coordinator of School and Community Information

    Ext. 15412 or akelly@methacton.org

    • Website
    • SchoolMessenger
    • Media, News
    • District publications
    • General district information
    • Arranging a tour of a school building
    • Community Education Program
    • Volunteering in Methacton schools


    Contact your child’s school counselor directly.

    • Course selection
    • College preparedness
    • The overall educational, personal, or social growth of the student


    Dr. Matthew Walsh, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Ext. 15013 or mwalsh@methacton.org

    • Administration of and/or details regarding Methacton’s curriculum
    • State and federal grant guidelines
    • Student assessment/testing


    Dr. Jamie Gravinese, Director of Pupil Services

    Ext. 15014 or jgravinese@methacton.org

    • Learning and emotional support programs
    • Students with multiple disabilities
    • Life skills, learning, emotional or autistic support
    • English Language Department
    • Gifted Education
    • Student wellness planning
    • Bullying prevention


    TBA, Aramark Educational Services' Food Service Director for Methacton

    Ext. 30408 or  kmiller@methacton.org

    • School lunch menus
    • Healthy alternatives
    • Catering


    Bill Brannick - Technology Director

    Ext. 15048 or wbrannick@methacton.org

    • Parent Portal
    • Student Registration
    • Technology integration and issues
    • Email
    • Software


    Contact your child’s school nurse directly.

    • Physical and dental exams
    • Health screenings
    • Immunizations
    • Dispensing of medication
    • Student overall wellness


    Scott Hensel, First Student Location Manager

    Ext. 25080

    • Bus stops locations and times
    • Condition of the bus fleet
    • Safety concerns related to transportation
    • General transportation matters

    If the matter is still unresolved, please contact Dr. David Zerbe, Superintendent of Schools at ext. 15001 or dzerbe@methacton.org.

    If a satisfactory solution is not achieved by discussion with the superintendent, the matter may be forwarded to the board of school directors. The board may be contacted through Beth Rutledge, secretary to the Board, at ext. 15001 or brutledge@methacton.org.


    Right to Know Requests

    Please note that if your request for information necessitates a Right to Know request, as outlined by the Right to Know Act of Pennsylvania, you must contact (or may be directed to contact) the district’s Right to Know Officer, Dr. Jason Sorgini, at ext. 15041, or righttoknow@methacton.org.


    Have a general question and don't know who to ask?  Send e-mail to information@methacton.org and you will receive a response in a timely fashion.