• Flexible Instructional Day Key Points

    In the event that the Methacton School District needs to utilize a Flexible Instruction Day (FID), a School Messenger alert email, phone call, and social media post will be issued to inform families that a FID will occur on a specific date (typically the next day or on the given day).  The district website will be updated to include a link devoted to FID information and resources.

    Here are ten (10) important bits of information you may need to know concerning FID:

    1. Your building principal is the main point of contact for families when a Flexible Instructional Day is called.
    2. Google Classrooms will have a FID link that will identify the learning assignments, activities, and online resources for instruction, which will likely be asynchronous.
    3. Teachers will hold office hours during the Flexible Instruction Day, which will be posted in their Google Classroom.
    4. Students with IEPs, 504s, and related supports will still receive their individualized support through the Google Classroom, differentiated assignments, and phone calls where identified.
    5. Students will have access to school health services.
    6. Instruction will be delivered in an asynchronous mode. Some teachers may hold online synchronous instruction. 
    7. Students may be provided with hard copy instructional materials in advance to be used in the for the FID day. 
    8. Recognizing that students may have different situations at home on a Flexible Instruction Day, students will have up to three (3) school days following the FID to complete the work.
    9. Students will be considered present on the FID day provided that they complete the required assignments within the window. 
    10. Students who do not submit required work during the make-up period will be reported as unexcused according to the district attendance policy.