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    The Health and Physical Education program helps students grow physically, mentally and socially. Physical Education classes promote total fitness by developing cardiovascular and muscle strength, coordination, social skills and healthful habits. Lifetime sports and recreational activities are introduced in the 11/12th grade program while team sports are emphasized at the 9/10th grade level.

    Students who need remedial help will be scheduled for the adapted physical education program. This will be determined by the student’s instructors, physician, and/or school personnel.

    Four years of physical education are required by the state. Satisfactory completion of health and physical education is a graduation requirement. Students are required to complete various fitness assessments in the fall and spring semesters. Only a doctor’s note can excuse a student from any one of the assessments. The student still may be required to perform a modified activity.

    Students in 10th grade must take and pass the required health course, Responsible Health Behaviors. Click here to downioad the syllabus

    In addition to these two required courses, Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR are offered as electives. However, the First Aid course cannot be substituted for the required grade health courses.  A Life Guarding course is offered as an elective or in place of physical education for one semester.  Purchase of book and materials plus a registration fee is required to receive certification for life guarding.


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