• Driver Education Course

    Driver Education at Methacton High School
    Methacton's Driver Education program that consists of three phases: Classroom theory, Driving Simulation, and On-the-Road Instruction. We believe that the successful completion of this program at Methacton and with assistance and encouragement from you, as parents, will greatly assist your child to obtain a good foundation for many years of happy and safe motoring.
    0030 CLASSROOM SEM. 1(age 16 prior to Feb. 14 of school year)
    0032 CLASSROOM SEM. 2(age 16 after Feb. 14 of school year)

    Offered in grades 9*-12 .25 credits
    Class meets 3 mods per cycle, 1 semester
    Recommendation: Students in grade 10, *available to older students in grade 9 that will apply for permits while in 9th grade. Classroom Driving Education strives to provide an environment for the future driver that will enable the student to develop a wholesome attitude toward the driving task and others who use the highways. Areas of concentration in this course include a discussion of the accident problem, drunk driving, traffic laws, automobile insurance, driver attitudes and information related to the operation of the car.

    This program is normally completed in tenth grade. Our program is designed to inform students about all aspects of driving. Topics range form buying and maintaining a car to the traffic laws that we're all expected to know and obey. They will learn about Pennsylvania's car insurance requirements and learn fuel saving tips. Driving attitudes are individually evaluated. Special emphasis is given to the number one highway killer, drunk driving.
    All students will be assigned to Driver Education Theory in grade 10. If the parent wishes to delay enrollment to a later year, the wishes of the parent will be honored. However, no guarantee can be made that the course can be scheduled at a later date or summer school.
    Driving simulation is available to students who have successfully completed or are presently passing the classroom theory program and who have or are abut to receive their permit. Students drive to a series of films. Computer evaluation is continuously evaluating students for the proper use of signals, steering, braking, speed, accelerator use, and fuel efficient driving. The films are broken down into four categories:
    Driving simulation focuses on the development of driving procedures and driving perception.
    Immediatley after students begin simulated driving, they are scheduled to drive in one of our dual controlled driver education cars. Driving experiences range from back roads in Worcester Township to expressway driving on the Route 422 Expressway. A great amount of time is spent in and around Norristown exposing our drivers to variety of roadways and intersections. The transfer of perception and procedural skills from simulation to on-the-road driving is of paramount importance. The skills needed to pass the driver's are reviewed. Sufficient driving times is provided for every student to develop a firm foundation for a lifetime of driving success.
    Parent Involvement
    Parents are an integral part of the Methacton Driver Education Program. Your teenager needs your help and support to constantly reinforce the practices and procedures that we teach that are necessary to survive on our streets and highways. Our booklet BEFORE THEY START will offer you an opportunity to become active participants in our program.
    Students may elect to be scheduled in this program when they reach the age of sixteen. Each student enrolled in this program receives a minimum of eight
    hours in the driving simulator system and four hours of actual driving instruction. Emphasis is placed on the development of driving perception, positive driving
    attitudes, and the basic skills involved in operating the automobile. Successful completion of this program enables many students to benefit from insurance rate reductions and to receive a senior operators license at age seventeen and one half rather than eighteen. Fee-approximately $150.00.
    Our students must successfully complete all three phases of the Driver Education Program to receive our driver education certificate and insurance rate reductions that students are entitled to receive. Participation in our simulation and on-the-road program enables a student to be tested for their license at Methacton High School
    We are looking forward to working with you and your teenager during this program.