• Proposed Vision for New Strategic Plan

  • On January 21, 2020, Dr. Zerbe presented to the Board of School Directors a reimagined Strategic Plan (see image above). It is one that is designed to keep our district mission, vision and core values at the forefront, while providing a plan structured under one important and memorable goal that will unite our organization and our community to make measurable, effective, and lasting improvements. 

    OUR NEW GOAL: To ensure an exceptional Methacton School District experience for all.

    “All” defines each constituent group that plays an important role in the success of our district: students, parents, teachers, administrators, the Board, and community.

    In order to accomplish this goal:

    • We need a theory of action that reflects our core beliefs and is understood by all stakeholders. The use of the 5 tenets (Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported, Challenged) of the whole child approach will guide our action towards goal attainment.

    To measure our progress towards achieving our proposed new goal, the Board was asked to consider:

    • Qualitative measures through the use of student, staff, parent, and community surveys; focus groups; and town hall meetings to understand how our constituents feel about the work we do and their experience at Methacton.
    • Quantitative measures such as academic performance and college success, among others that are commonly used in state and national district ranking reports.

    This new vision for the Strategic Plan will require the administration to:

    • Organize current plan actions into new structure (where applicable).
    • Develop measurement methodologies and target benchmarks.
    • Continue educating and communicating with staff and the public on Whole Child tenants
    • Plan for a full scale constituent input forum in the Fall of 2020.