• Dear Methacton Community,

    In the fall of 2015, the Methacton School District embarked upon a strategic planning effort. This effort included the contributions of more than 80 individual stakeholders, including students, parents, business and community leaders, school board directors, teachers, and administrators. These people worked toward a collective goal to make the Methacton School District an even better place to live, work, and learn. With support from our consultant, a steering committee of ten individuals was joined by subcommittees in five areas of focus:

    • Student Growth and Achievement/Staff Professional Development and Growth/Pupil Services/Educational Technology;
    • Communications and Community Relations;
    • Safety/Operational Technology/Facilities/Infrastructure;
    • District Operations/Financial Management/Human Resources; and
    • Co-curricular, Extra Curricular Activities, and Athletics.

    Each of these focus areas includes one or more overarching goal statements that encapsulate in a few words what should be accomplished by 2022. The road to accomplishing each goal is broken into a number of strategic objectives, each with its own success indicators. Our ability to achieve the objectives set forth will depend on the support of our entire Methacton community. We look forward to embracing these goals and communicating our achievements along the way through annual progress reports to the community in April of each year. 

    An important part of this overall effort was the examination of our vision, mission, and shared values. The district’s vision is a statement of what we hope to become – our preferred future. Our mission is a statement of who we are now and what we must embrace to achieve our vision. The revised vision and mission were finalized after review and feedback from the committees, faculty, and staff. We believe the shared values, numbering nine – one for each letter in the word Methacton – are the essence of the Methacton culture. Together, the vision, mission, and shared values are key components to the district’s identity, and we look forward to teaching them to our students, and embracing them as a staff. Our “slogan” to Learn, Lead, and Succeed – Together is woven into these values.

    This plan includes goals that are difficult, but achievable. I believe that our students and this community deserve our best and the goals in this plan are written to raise the bar and make this excellent school district even better. We will treat this plan as a fluid document that may change and be adjusted in response to the changing educational landscape, or in response to our community’s needs and expectations. Designed to act as a guide for our work over the next six years, this strategic plan is our Blueprint for Success.

    I am deeply grateful for the personal commitment that so many have made in this process, and I look forward to our continued partnership as we Learn, Lead, and Succeed – Together!


    Dr. David Zerbe
    Superintendent of Schools

    Please note - Timeline notations included in the plan area objectives (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, etc.) reference the quarter of the calendar year, not the school year.
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