• COVID - 19 Data Dashboard

  • NOTICE: The Methacton School District COVID-19 Data Dashboard will cease to be updated beginning June 16, 2021. Please know that we will keep the dashboard site live (not updated) and will determine a date in August 2021 to update the dashboard based on new metrics that may be provided to us from the Department of Education, County or other agency.


    Active cases represent the “as of date” number of students and employees that are a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 that are attending in person/on premises instruction or are students participating in athletics or extracurricular activities on premises within the past 10 days. The dashboard does not mean that an individual contracted COVID-19 while in a Methacton School District building or event.

    This information will be updated only when a school/district is providing in person student instruction. The data will be updated daily or as the District receives information regarding a positive case. Information received after 4 p.m. or on a weekend/holiday may be documented on the next school day.

    When the district is informed by parents, students, and staff of a positive case, the district contacts the Montgomery County Department of Public Health to confirm and initializes contact tracing. The district will conduct contact tracing within the school environment. The district has also organized a contact tracing team that will assist the school nursing department in conducting contact tracing as needed.

    In addition, the district gathers information daily that is self-reported by students and staff following the use of the self-screening checklist used by students and staff, are notified that they are in quarantine, isolation or have tested or are awaiting test results. This information is collected and used to exclude students and staff from on premises attendance until such time they are released by a physician or meet criteria outlined in the self-screening checklist and are approved for return by the school nurse.

    Confirmed positive cases require the school to conduct cleaning and contact tracing measures in advance of staff and student return the following day. In certain circumstances, the school may need to operate in an all virtual model for a number of days until such time that all measures are completed. The district uses the metric thresholds attributed to all 4 elementary schools (small schools), Skyview and Arcola (medium schools), and Methacton High School (large school) outline along with specific case data to determine the need to move a school to all virtual instruction for a temporary period of time.

    Based on confirmed positive cases and the specific data associated with individual cases, the school nursing department and the Superintendent will confirm with the County Department of Health to determine the need to revert any school to all virtual environment.

    Methacton School District works cooperatively with Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) to provide notification and contact tracing to affected individuals. If you do not hear directly from Methacton or MCOPH, it is because you are not considered at risk due to these cases. To ensure student/staff privacy, Methacton will not provide any further information regarding affected individuals.

    Students and staff are encouraged to follow safety protocols — such as maintaining six-foot social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands and avoiding large crowds — both inside and outside of school to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

    Last update: Thursday, June 10 , 2021



    The data below is provided by the Montgomery County Department of Health and will be updated each Friday by 12 Noon. This data is the 14-day average for the reporting period and, as such, will lag by 2 weeks.

    Last Update: Thursday June 10, 2021

  • METRIC Thresholds: The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides the “Community Transmission” chart located below for use by school districts. This chart was approved for use by the Methacton School District Board of School Directors as part of the approved Health and Safety Plan and will help guide the determination of instructional models.

    The district will be monitoring our own and the County’s positivity rates along with monitoring the stability of the incidence rate for each.

    Community Tramission Levels (PDE Chart)

    During two consecutive weeks of community transmission