• COVID - 19 Data Dashboard


    Active cases represent the “as of date” number of students and employees that are either in isolation or quarantined as a result of a positive or presumed positive case of COVID-19. The numbers represent individuals who are currently excluded from participation in on premises schooling or athletics/activities on premises until approved for safe return by the school nurse.

    This data is collected by the school attendance secretary based on absence reporting email/phone calls as a result of the student/parent daily review of the student self-screening checklist and from school nurses based on notification/assessments and confirmation from County Department of Health. Presumed cases may represent incidences that do not accompany a positive test, but are treated as such in terms of isolation/quarantine. This table will be updated each Friday by 12 Noon.

    Last update: Tuesday, November 17, 2020



    The data below is provided by the Montgomery County Department of Health and will be updated each Friday by 12 Noon. This data is the 14-day average for the reporting period and, as such, will lag by 2 weeks.

    Last Update: Thursday, November 19, 2020

  • METRIC Thresholds: The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides the “Recommended Instructional Models” chart located below for use by school districts. This chart was approved for use by the Methacton School District Board of School Directors as part of the approved Health and Safety Plan and will help guide the determination of instructional models.

    Recommended Instructional Models Table

    In addition, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recommends that each school district consider full remote learning when our individual district (combination of Lower Providence Twp. and Worcester Twp.) reaches 9% positivity with an upward trending incidence rate. Therefore, given the PDE Chart and the recommendation of CHOP, the district will be monitoring our own and the County’s positivity rates along with monitoring the stability of the incidence rate for each. The Superintendent will use these metrics as the barometer for determining a need to recommend a change to the instructional model.

    STEP 1. When the Methacton School District or Montgomery County hit a 14 day average positivity rate of 8% with upward trending incidence rate:

    The district will issue a WARNING notice to parents on the matter and will communicate with the Board of School Directors in the instance that a change is imminent.

    The Superintendent and head district nurse will be in contact with the Montgomery County Department of Health to determine other factors and rate of speed with which the determination should be made given the trends.

    The Superintendent will call a meeting of the Pandemic Team to review the matter and make recommendations for communications and process/timing.

    STEP 2. If it is determined that a change is appropriate, the Superintendent will inform the Board that a notification is being provided to staff, parents, and students with specific instructions given feedback from administrators, the Pandemic Team and the Montgomery County Department of Health.  A phone call and email campaign will ensue and a process will proceed to change the instructional model with the most advance notice as reasonable keeping in mind the Health and Safety of students and staff.