Show synopsis: Unthinkable hard times, caused by a 20-year drought and a severe water shortage, has led to a ban on private toilets. Individuals must use public amenities, controlled by a merciless private company that profits by charging admission for one of humankind's most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides to follow his heart and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom!

    Urinetown, The Musical is rated PG-13 for sophisticated humor, themes, and moments of brutality.

    Streaming is presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) New York, NY. All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.mtishows.com 
    Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):
    Officer Lockstock - Max King
    Penelope Pennywise - Paige  Brady
    Bobby Strong - Quinn Adams
    Little Sally - Lindsey Reid
    Mr. McQueen - Natalie Zebrowski
    Senator Fipp - Connor Geib
    Officer Barrel - Nick Johnson
    Hope Cladwell - Maria Coyle
    Joseph "Old Man" Strong - Paige Alaishuski
    Tiny Tom - Quintin Frey
    Soupy Sue - Nora Alaishuski
    Little Becky Two Shoes - Emma Koch
    Robby the Stockfish - Elena Chaya
    Caldwell B. Cladwell - Jackson Fisher
    Dr. Billeaux - Mimi Cavallo
    Mrs. Millenium - Erin Donovan
    Josephine "Ma" Strong - Julia  Brady
    Hot Blades Harry - LJ Paone
    Billy Boy Bill - Katherine  Hopf
    Poor Ensemble/Featured Dancers - Hailey Grawe, Jordan Kaminski, Kareena Kumar,
    Olivia Davidson, Taylor Kaminski, Thy Nguyen
    UGC Staff Ensemble - Alex Pack, Cassidy Butler, Cora Heiser, Joelle Miles,
    Manya Natakala, Paige Alaishuski
    Cops - Alex Pack, Hailey Grawe, Joelle Miles, Jordan Kaminski, Kareena Kumar,
    Olivia Davidson, Paige Alaishuski, Taylor Kaminski, Thy Nguyen
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