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    Methacton High School Theatre Company

    January 14 - 16, 2021

    The Laramie Project

    The Laramie Project is rated PG-13 as the show deals with very serious subject matter in an honest and forthright manner. It contains descriptions of violence, discussion of sexuality and some minor adult language. Viewer discretion is advised and should not be viewed without the consent of a parent or guardian.


    Cara Rydzewski
    Kerry Drake, Officer Reggie Fluty
    Carson Crenshaw
    Alison Mears, Person at Funeral, Waitress
    Cassidy Butler
    Conrad Miller, Lucy Thompson, Person at Funeral
    Connor Geib
    Baptist Minister, Gil Engen , Matt Galloway, Russell's Mormon Home Teacher
    Elena Chaya
    Doc O'Connor, Matt Mickelson
    Emerson Gormley
    Barbara Pitts, Jury Foreperson, Person at Funeral
    Emma Koch
    Co-Narrator, Jen, Moises Kaufman
    Erin Donovan
    Catherine Connolly, Dr. Cantway
    Evan Avelar
    Dennis Shepard, Stephen Belber, Stephen Mead Johnson
    Hannah Lake
    Aaron Kreifels , Juror, Newsperson #2, Person at Funeral
    Jackson Fisher
    Harry Woods, Jedadiah Schultz, Reverend Fred Phelps
    Jordan Kaminski
    Newsperson #3, Person at Funeral, Sherry Aanenson
    Julia Brady
    Amanda Gronich, Phil Labrie
    Kareena Kumar
    Newsperson/Newsperson #1, Zubaida Ula
    Katherine Hopf
    Co-Narrator, Romaine Patterson, Sherry Johnson
    Lily Friedman
    Greg Pierotti, Sergeant Hing, Shannon
    Lindsey Reid
    Leigh Fondakowski, Rebecca Hiliker, Tiffany Edwards
    LJ Paone
    Father Roger Schmit , Priest at Funeral, Rulon Stacey
    Lucy Kinghorn
    April Silva , Juror, Person at Funeral
    Manya Natakala
    Eileen Engen, Juror, Person at Funeral
    Maria Coyle
    Baptist Minister's Wife, Trish Steger, Zackie Salmon
    Max King
    Aaron McKinney, Andrew Gomez, Jonas Slonaker, Shadow
    Megan Wertz
    Cal Rerucha, E-Mail Sender, Juror, Person at Funeral
    Mimi Cavallo
    Doug Laws, Judge, Person at Funeral
    Natalie Zebrowski
    Jon Peacock , Marge Murray
    Nick Johnson
    Andy Paris, Governor Jim Geringer, Rob Debree
    Nora Alaishuski
    Jeffrey Lockwood, Juror, Person at Funeral, Reporter
    Olivia Davidson
    Murdock Cooper, Phillip Dubois
    Paige Alaishuski
    Juror, Kristin Price, Newsperson #4, Person at Funeral
    Quintin Frey
    Bill McKinney, Russell Henderson
    Taylor Kaminski
    Anonymous, Bailiff, Person at Funeral 

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