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    Making the decision to volunteer your time and talents to support the students of the Methacton School District is a very honorable one… and a decision with which we hope you will be pleased.

    As of January 2023, volunteers now have two classifications: Position Volunteer or Guest Volunteer. Review the types of activities for which you wish to volunteer below to determine the required clearances necessary for those activities.

Position Volunteer

  • Position Volunteers: A volunteer in this category may or will reasonably have direct contact with a student(s) while performing his/her volunteer service without direct supervision by a school district employee. Direct contact time may include, but is not limited to:

    Volunteer Organizations
    Home and School members
    Booster Club members
    Theatre Company
    Post Prom – Actual event
    Field Trips
    Fun Day
    Field Day
    Outdoor Ed
    Service Projects
    Building helpers*
    Recess Monitor
    Cafeteria Helper
    Classroom Helper (class and parties)
    Library Helper
    Office Helper
    Kindergarten Kid Writing
    Reading and Mathematics Tutors
    Watch Dog Dads
    Volunteer Coach
    Mentor for IncubatorEDU
    *Positions defined as having direct student contact that need to be counted for TB eligible hours. If you are filling any position marked with an asterisk(*) for ten (10) or more hours per week, you will need to obtain and submit a TB test to the district prior to resuming volunteer activities.
  • Clearance Requirements for Position Volunteers

Guest Volunteer

  • Guest Volunteers: A volunteer in this category is in the range of volunteers who may perform a role with little to no contact with students, indirect contact with students, direct contact with students up to roles with or in close proximity to a school district employee while performing his/her volunteer service and there is NO time when the volunteer is alone with a student or in a secluded, isolated or remote area with a student without a school district employee being present. Guest volunteers include, but are not limited to:

    Activity Helpers
    Ice Cream Social
    Bingo Night
    Post Prom/Theatre production – Set up/Building sets/Pit
    Book Fair/Holiday Shoppes
    Sort donations and pack bags for Backpack Program
    Presenters and Guests
    Career Day
    Assembly (presenters or guests)
    Guest Readers
    Guest lecturer for Incubator
    Concession Stand
  • Guest Volunteer Requirements

Raptor Volunteer Application

  • Raptor Volunteer Management is a new tool Methacton School District is using to collect volunteer information and help automate the volunteering process. 

    All volunteers (position and guest) are required to submit an application through our new Raptor Volunteer Management system. Once your application is approved, you will receive access to the Volunteer Portal to manage your volunteer account. Please note: All returning volunteers with current clearances (expiration in July 2023 and beyond) have been pre-approved and added to the system.

    If applying to serve as POSITION VOLUNTEER, please have all of your clearances ready to upload prior to beginning the application process. You will NOT be able to save your progress.

    volunteer application button

    Volunteer Application

  • What to Expect After Submitting Volunteer Application

  • How to sign in to Volunteer Portal (New and Returning Volunteers)