The 2023-24 Season has officially come to an end!

    We will post upcoming events/announcements on our Instagram page!


    We want to thank our parents, teachers, MSD administration and Arcola Cheer Fans for supporting the Arcola Cheer team this season! Looking forward to next year!


    Hard work and dedication heeds results!

    The 2023-24 Arcola Cheer team ended the season with a final competition on February 4th! Returning to Ridley HS for the Kedron Classic, for their second year, leaving with 3rd place in the middle school division!

    Congratulations ladies! Highest score of the season!!! 

    Coach Jenn, Kori Logan, Cadence Yarn, Sofia Buttaro, Mady Verna, Milana C, Everly Cocco,

    Avery Balizak, Chrisette Brailsford, Brianna Burkhart, Coach Talia

     (Front) Emily Lindsey, Kate Miller, Evie Carr

    Last competition for our 8th grade student athletes!

    Thank you all for your dedication this season! 

    We 💞 you and can't wait to see where you go from here!

    (Left to Right): Madelynn "Mady" Verna, Sofia "Butterfingers" Buttaro, Brianna "Bree" Burkhart, Kori "Logan Paul" Logan, Emily "Em" Lindsey, Kate "Miller" Miller, Evelyn "Evie" Carr, Milana "Milana" Cheberuchko, Avery "Avery" Balazik

    Arcola Cheerleading performed at the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference (PAC)Cheer Championship held at Methacton High School on 2/3/24!

    The first time a middle school performed at a PAC event!!! An accomplishment in itself! Thanks to Deana Ellison, who helped make our vision a reality 🌠

    Left to Right: Kori Logan, Kate Miller, Evie Carr, Milana C, Bree B, Everly C, Avery B, Mady, Sofia, Chrisette, Cadence, Emily

    Our Big Sisters performed their hearts out in front of their family, friends, alumni and neighbors!! Congratulations Methacton Varsity earning 1st place in the conference!! 


    Arcola Cheer attended their first competition of the season: the Cougar Classic in Central Bucks Country on January 21, 2024! Receiving 5th place out of 8 teams! The true win was finishing the routine, together and knowing we will be back in February to try again 💪

    Back Row (L --> R): Chrisette, Bree, Milana, Sofia, Cadence, Mady; Front (L to R): Avery, Everly, Evie, Kori, Emily, Kate


    Keep your eyes out for announcements/events for the 2024-25 Arcola Cheer Season! 


    Our first competition of the season and our last event as a team 😭 

    The Arcola Cheer Team took the bus to Ridley and was ready to fight, wearing our colors: green & white!

    Our fans sat in the crowd, waiting their turn to shout and be loud: A - M - S, GREEN & WHITE!!!

    13 Arcola students anxiously walked out on the mat with confidence yet remained humble -

    Months of hard-work, blood, sweat, and tears 

    Arcola Apaches were ready to leave their mark after 7 quiet years. . . 

    6 months of dedication for 2 minutes & 30 seconds. . . .

    The Results are in:

    Placing 3rd in the Middle School Division: Arcola Middle School

    Placing 1st in the Tumble-off: Liv McCourry; Arcola Middle School

    Placing 1st in the Tumble-Off: Emily Lindsey; Arcola Middle School   

    Placing 1st in the Tumble-Off: Vera-Mann; Arcola Middle School 


    Congratulations to our 'big sisters' on the hill!!

    Placing 1st in the High School division: Methacton High School (Methacton HS)

    Grand Champion in the High School Division: Methacton High School (Methacton HS)  

    Placing 1st in the Stunt Off: Methacton High School  

    Cheerleading is a vibe; it's a lifestyle; it's a family you never knew you had until you are part of the team!!

    Our 8th graders may be moving on, but the bond within this team will always remain strong 💪 

    Thank you Bella DeSantis, Sarah Miller (2nd year) and Kendall Larrivee for sharing your middle school experience with us 💖🤟 We can't wait to see you at the high school!   

    Keep your eyes out for announcements/events for the 2023-24 Arcola Cheer Season! 




    Zoe Abdullah, Vera-Mae Mann, Germayoni Arreola, 

    Brianna Burkhart, Vanessa Hutchinson, Isabella DeSantis, Kori Logan, Avery Balazik

     Sarah Miller, Kendall Larrivee, Kate Miller, Emily Lindsey, Liv McCoury, Evie Carr




    If you are interested in cheering, please complete the Arcola Cheer Interest form:

    AMS Cheer Interest Form 📣




    Pre-Participation Requirements:

    PIAA physical forms can be found on Planeths.  All paperwork is required prior to participating!

    The Activity Fee this year is $50 for Arcola.  Online payments can be made herePlease pay after June 1, 2024.     

    Arcola ImPACT test (Concussion Baseline testing)

    ImPACT Testing Instructions

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