• Welcome to Arcola Baseball    

    Spring, 2021  


    Coaches - Rob Mithell (7th grade) - rmitchell@methacton.org

                     Patrick Smith (8th grade) - psmith@methacton.org


    Starting dates - March 22nd - 24th will be optional workouts for both grades

                              March 25th - 26th will be tryouts for the 8th grade team

                              March 29th - 30th will be tryouts for the 7th grade team

                              These dates may be altered pending on weather and field conditions.


    Schedules - TBA for both teams


    Practice times - Monday - Thursday from 3.10 pm - 5.10 pm

                              Fridays will be the coaches decision except for the 26th tryout date


    What to bring

    • mask (that must be worn at all times if indoors)
    • water bottle (that cannot be shared)
    • both sneakers and spikes
    • baseball pants
    • baseball hat
    • normal baseball equipment including glove, bat, and helmet
    • catching equipment (if you are a catcher)

     Getting to Know You

    Please follow this link and fill out the form to help us get to know you organize everyone to begin the season.



    Important notes for tryouts

    • Make sure that you go to the Planeths website and fill in all of the appropriate information for the physical forms. Players cannot tryout or practice until those forms are completed and they are cleared by the trainer.
    • Please make sure you are following directions quickly and paying attention to what is going on. Not listening to directions can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
    • Do your best, but do not try to overthrow to impress with your arm strength. Making the team in March but not being able to play games in April because your arm is sore is no fun.
    • Do not swing for the fences. We could be having tryouts indoors, which means the ball is not going to go very far anyway.
    • With the exception of workouts and one day of tryouts last year, we most likely have not seen you play. Do not think that because you are on a travel team or you take private lessons that you automatically make the team. Come prepared, work hard, follow directions, and do your best.
    • Please note that players trying out for pitching and catching may be asked to stay longer on the tryout days. We will do our best not to keep the players past 5.45 pm.
    • As coaches, we will try to keep as many players on the team as possible, but we will likely have make cuts for the purposes of playing time and helping players to improve their skills. We only get to see players for a few days, so we can only make decisions based on what we see in those few days.
    • Eighth grade will be informed if they have made the team or not by Sunday, March 28th. Seventh grade will be informed if they have made the team or not by Thursday, April 1st.