The Methacton school district’s Home and School (H/S) organizations typically recognize the bus drivers during an annual breakfast buffet held at their bus depot.  Each year, a host school facilitates this effort.  The below schedule has been devised alphabetically, as has been tradition.  By referencing this schedule, we believe each school’s H/S organization can best plan their year’s activities and volunteer utilization needs.  The schedule is offered with a few guidelines to consider when planning the event.  If there is some just cause to trade host years, please let the District Council leadership know of the date swap so the schedule may be adjusted accordingly.  The below represents the rotation of coordination responsibilities, as we now know it:

    ARCOLA  2018                                             METHACTON HS  2014

    ARROWHEAD  2019                                    SKYVIEW UES  2015

    AUDUBON 2020                                           WOODLAND 2016

    EAGLEVILLE 2021 (last 2013)                     WORCESTER 2017

    Planning Guidance:

    The event is typically scheduled for the spring (April – May).

    The Transportation Administrator should be contacted for specifics (number of drivers to plan for, specific date / time, communication of notice to bus drivers, any requested menu items, volunteer staffing needs, replenishing, clean up, etc.)

    Each school has traditionally donated $50 to this event (via check to the hosting school).  Some items purchased in recent times for the breakfast included, fruit, bagels with spreads, muffins, coffee with creamers, pastries.  Paper goods / plastic ware were purchased and banners, cards, and other ‘thank you’ expressions were included as part of the decoration.

    Contacting the last school representatives to host the event is recommended, if there are any questions.

    Developed summer 2009/updated 2013