• Title I Program – Skyview Upper Elementary School

    Skyview Upper Elementary School receives Title I funds. These funds allow us to provide additional support to students in the areas of Reading and Math. Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher(s) and of paraprofessionals who provide instruction to their children through use of this funding.

    Title I Parent Engagement Policy

    This policy is intended to inform and include all parents of children receiving Title I services in grades 5-6 at Skyview Upper Elementary School. It is essential for our school to provide meaningful opportunities for parental engagement in order to ensure the development and progress of each child. Parent meetings, workshops and surveys provide the framework for this policy. End-of-year surveys and parent meetings will be used to revise this policy as necessary.

    Parents/Guardians of Title I students receive the Skyview School-Parent-Student Compact, Overview of Title I Services informational flyer and letter regarding professional qualifications. The district and school websites house information on Title I programming, including the district parent engagement policy and school parent engagement policy. The district annually hosts a Family Literacy event and this will be advertised through invitation and email. Parents will have the opportunity to attend student and parent programs, as well as individual conferences at different times during the school year. Families are encouraged to submit any questions or comments regarding this policy and the Title I program to the building principal.

    Parents/Guardians will be invited to observe classes during American Education Week and to attend parent-teacher conferences where the student’s learning needs and goals can be reviewed and parents can learn about coursework. The Skyview newsletter will contain information about curriculum and academic standards and strategies for helping students learn. In addition to receiving instructional support, Title I students also receive supplementary reading and math materials, including reading and math newsletters.

    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact the Skyview Reading Specialist, Mrs. Amy Eraydin or Math Specialist, Ms. Megan Stauffer, at any time with questions about the Title I program or their child’s progress. 

    To access Title I letters and forms, visit https://www.methacton.org/TitleI