• Clubs/Activities

    Arrowhead Elementary offers students many opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Co-Curricular Activities

    Band: Mrs. Danielle DiRenzo sponsors Band at Arrowhead School. Band is the fun process of combing all the various wind and percussion instruments into one exciting sound. Band meets once a week before school for forty five minutes to prepare for our winter and spring concerts. Third and Fourth graders only. 

    Orchestra: Mrs. Susan Basalik leads the string instrument students in the third and fourth grades at Arrowhead. Orchestra presents many classic and popular favorites at the Holiday and Spring concerts.

    Chorus: Mrs. Michele Sinnott sponsors Chorus for all Arrowhead 3th and 4th graders. They sing at the Holiday and Spring concerts as well as Honors Chorus. Once per year the Chorus travels to compete at Hershey with other schools.

    Arrowhead Student Council: The purpose of Student Council is to help students learn about and to participate in the democratic process. The student council is made up of two representatives from each classroom in grades 3-4. Officer elections and campaigning occurs in the Spring of the year around Primary Election Day. School-wide election is held in the Internet.

    Students who are interested in becoming room representatives submit their applications in the Fall. Student council members serve on one of four committees: fund raising, community service, citizenship, and school spirit. These four committees are involved with projects throughout the school year. The council maintains ongoing partnerships with organizations in our community

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Foreign Language: Dr. Anita Morgan leads Spanish Club at Arrowhead School. The Spanish language is taught in a creative fashion in this club for children in the elementary grades. The club meets after school, once a week, and is jam-packed with Spanish culture. 

    All the children in this small class get enough individual attention to learn and have fun. They learn many words and expressions in Spanish, how to use and pronounce them, and the Spanish way of living. 

    Every week a new topic is taught, whether it is "families" or "introductions." The student learns to ask and answer questions in Spanish. New foods are introduced on a weekly basis. They eat plantanitos (a salty chip made from plantains), flan (a custard-like pudding with sugary taste), and churros (fried dough with sugar). Once week they may eat galletas con queso, crema y pasta de guayava (crackers with cream cheese and guava paste). Dr. Morgan's Spanish Club is a great way to learn about Spanish culture and the language while making new and exciting discoveries!