Initial Identification and Placement

Entry Criteria  
The target population for the ELD program is defined in terms of each student's competency level in English. Any student who is classified within levels 1-4, as outlined in the WIDA Can-do Descriptors, should be provided English as a Second Language. To view the ELD levels of English language proficiency, please view the WIDA Can-do-Descriptors located on the left sidebar of this page. 
Registration and Identification  
Methacton School District's student registration is conducted through a central registration process. All registering students (including ELs) must present immunization records, complete the Home Language Survey, and provide proof of residency within the Methacton School District. In accordance with state and federal laws, no EL student will be subject to scrutiny that is not part of the normal enrollment process. 
Individuals answering any question of the Home Language Survey with a response of a language other than or in addition to English will result in the student being given a formal English language proficiency screening assessment provided by one of the district's ELD teachers to determine if ELD placement and instruction is needed.
Screening Assessment and ELD Placement 
A student identified as a PHLOTE (Primary Home Language other than English) will be evaluated by an ELD Specialist using:
  • PDE Family Interview

Based on the information from the interview and other records, an ELD Specialist may screen the student using: 

  • The W-APT and IPT (Kindergarten)
  • WIDA MODEL (1st Grade, 1st Semester)
  • WIDA Screener (1st Grade, 2nd Semester- Grade 12)
These assessment tools will be used to determine ELD instructional placement. 
ELD students shall be placed in a grade level that is appropriate according to the educational experience and their age. Any deviation from an age-appropriate placement shall be based on factors other than proficiency in the English language. Principals or designees will notify parents of their child's participation in the ELD program. Progress is monitored on an on-going basis to assess students' current instructional needs.