Post Prom Volunteer Signup


We're looking for a few hundred good people!

If you are interested in signing up to volunteer at Post Prom, please read the important info below regarding clearances and how to sign up!


  • IMPORTANT! If you plan to volunteer for Post Prom please be aware that Post Prom volunteers who volunteer at the event where students are present must obtain their clearances. (Therefore... Community Walkthrough, Set Design, Setup & Cleanup volunteers do NOT need to have active clearances, however you still need to complete the Raptor application).
  • You should start this process now, but no later than 1 month before Post Prom, because it can take up to two weeks to get some of the results. 
  • There is no cost to do this (unless you have not lived in Pennsylvania for at least 10 years). 
  • If you have already done this within the past 5 years, you do not need to do it again until that 5 years has past
  • We have put together a guide to help you complete the Clearances process. Feel free to use this guide, but of course you should also follow the instructions for each part of the process and from Methacton directly. 



  • YOU MUST BE 25 OR OLDER TO VOLUNTEER! (Except where noted on the signup page)

  • Event volunteers are required to wear a white shirt the night of Post Prom. You may simply wear your own white shirt or you can buy a Methacton Post Prom logo shirt for $15 at the Volunteer Training session on the 2nd Tuesday in April or on-site when you check-in at Post Prom.

  • ON A MOBILE DEVICE?: Please note, the sign-up page is MUCH easier to read on a tablet, than a phone - or even better, on a desktop or laptop!

  • ANDROID USERS ON FACEBOOK: NOTE: The sign-up does not display well inside Facebook's browser. You should click the ... (ellipses button) at the top right of the facebook browser and select "Open in External Browser" to see it properly. Or better yet, see note above about mobile devices.

  • There are MANY types of positions on three different days with MANY timeslots. They range from set up Thursday through clean up Saturday. So, we suggest you look through all of them before making your selection(s). Make sure you are selecting the day, time & position that you really want. You may sign up for one or more slots. (Just make sure they don't overlap).

  • Sign up will close 2 weeks before Post Prom, in order to make sure all volunteers are cleared.

  • (link to sign up for 2025 will be posted here)