Post Prom Committee Chairs needed!

Post Prom needs your help!  We need your help to continue to make Post Prom a success.  We are looking for chairs for the committees listed below for next year, Post Prom 2025.  Post Prom started a shadow program a few years back so new chairs could "shadow" the existing chair before they step down.  It makes the transition much easier.

Please consider giving your time and volunteering to chair one of the following committees.  

Coat Room

Coordinates volunteers for student coat/bag check in and check out.   

Coffeee House

Coordinates creation of Coffee House, which includes decorating the space and getting the space ready for students.


Committee organizes an event to discuss drug and alcohol impairment for students during the week of Prom.  Events have included placing a crashed car in the student parking lot, having a speaker/assembly, or organizing a re-enactment of an accident.  

Education has a table with information available during the community walk through and for students at Post Prom. 

Prizes (Needs Shadow)

Shops for student prizes, organizes tickets for juniors and seniors, coordinates the prize give away at the end of the night.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or to let us know which committee you would like to chair!