Post Prom Committee Chairs needed!

Post Prom needs your help!  We are so excited for 2023 but need your help to continue to make Post Prom a success.  We are looking for chairs for the committees listed below for next year, Post Prom 2023.  Post Prom started a shadow program a few years back so new chairs could "shadow" the existing chair before they stepped down.  It makes the transition much easier.

Please consider giving your time and volunteering to chair one of the following committees.

Overall Chairs

The role of chairs is to coordinate all the logistics of Post Prom.  They run the meetings which are usually once per month.  They are in contact with all the Post Prom Committee Chairs checking the status of their committees.  They remain in contact with MHS administration to provide updates on the status of Post Prom.  There are excellent notes and timelines for guidance.  

Library Entertainment

Volunteers needed to decorate and set up movies and crafts in the library.   

Set Design & Decorating

Chooses a theme and decorates halls of high school.  Decorators create designs on Tyvek sheets, typically using projectors, and they create 3D elements to enhance their designs.  Decorating materials and projectors are available starting in the fall.  The Post Prom paint room is open for work at the high school several days a week during the year.  Decorating space and materials are available on Saturdays starting in January.  Teams can also take materials home to work.  Experienced decorators are available to help new groups.

Student Food

Groups coordinate purchase and donations of food for students and volunteers at Post Prom.

Adult Dinner Dance

Primary fundraiser in winter.  Coordinates dinner with a DJ in early March.  Coordinates auction items and raffle baskets for event.  Promotes event and sells tickets.

Clean Up

Coordinates volunteers to take down decorations and move materials to storage.


Meets with high school, fire, and police before event.  Coordinates volunteers for security stations


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or to let us know which committee you would like to chair!