Sight Word Order

  Kindergarten Wonders Word and Letter Order



September               Sight Words: I can the we see at am

                                Letters: M  A   S

                                Short Vowel A / A CVC Words


October                      Sight Words:  a  like to  and  go be on

                                    LettersP  T   I 

                                    Short Vowel A / A CVC Words


November                    Sight Words: you   do   ran   did   get 

                                  LettersN   C   O

                                  Short Vowel O / O  CVC Words 


December                    Sight Words: my   are   he   with   but  

                                    Letters: D  (review)

                                    Short Vowel O / O  CVC Words


January                      Sight Words: is   little   she   was   out  

                                    Letters: H   E   F   R   B   L 

                                    Short Vowel E / E  CVC Words


February                    Sight Words: for   have   they   of    said   want  

                                    Letters:  B   L   K   ck     

                                    Short Vowel E / E  CVC Words


March                         Sight Words: here    me   this   what    say 

                                    Letters:  U  G   W   V   X   J   Q     

                                    Short Vowel U / U  CVC Words


April                            Sight Words: help   too   play   has   where   look  

                                    Letters:  Y  Z    

                                    Long Vowel A, I, O


May                             Sight Words: who   good   come   does  

                                    Long Vowel U, E  

                                    Review All


June                            Review All