David Chang - MHS '12

Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 5/16/2024



Memories of motivation and roots here linger in the heart of alumni David Chang as he continues his journey from the halls of Methacton High School to a world of global diplomacy.


David fondly remembers when the football team clinched a win against rival Spring Ford in 2010. To David, being a part of “The Tribe” instilled a profound sense of belonging in students. “Seeing the traditions continue today makes me proud as an alumni -- showing the WE ARE Methacton.”


Reflecting on his time at Methacton, David says many teachers were influential in his journey but two became remarkable mentors: Glynn McCann and Paul Lepre.


He recounted this moment: “As a sophomore, I walked into Mr. McCann's classroom, asking how I could take his honors U.S. history class, despite not meeting the proper academic requirements. Before the school year ended, and with Mr. Sussman's help, I could appeal and take his class. Upon the start of junior year, Mr. McCann took me under his wing after noticing my determination to succeed. I talked to him about my career goals, looking to pursue a career in diplomacy. Still, I was also concerned about my college prospects, which looked dim for a student [interested in] an international relations program. Encouraging me to stand and deliver, Mr. McCann suggested I take the APUSH exam (passed without taking the class) and attend a summer international relations program at Georgetown University -- considered the top school for diplomacy in the world. The summer experience solidified what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When my senior year started, my future started falling into place, and I was finally accepted into a top ten international relations program in the U.S.”


A decade after graduating, David and Mr. McCann reconnected – at a Phillies playoff game. “I was watching Game 4 of the 2022 NLCS on television. When the Phillies returned, I bought a last-second ticket (I won't say how much) and drove from Northern Virginia to South Philadelphia early the following day to attend Game 5 of the NLCS. Knowing Mr. McCann works as an usher at Citizens Bank Park, I took a few moments to catch up and say thanks for everything, telling him what I was doing in Washington, DC. I [had] to thank Mr. McCann for encouraging me to beat the odds. Three hours later, Bryce Harper sent the Phillies to the World Series.”


When speaking of Mr. Lepre, David says he imparted invaluable lessons of resilience and teamwork. “I first encountered Mr. Lepre in Mr. Moser's gym class as an Eagleville student in 1999. As a young athlete rising through the area's Pop Warner football program, Mr. Moser, also a Methacton alumnus, told me Mr. Lepre is the OL coach at the high school. We had a brief encounter at the Wolverine football camp in 2005, where he corrected my stance, but soon learned in 10th grade about his appointment as the new head football coach. At the time, the program sought a new identity after going 1-10 the previous season. Coach Lepre instilled in us that we are all representing Methacton and [we are] part of its story. It also brought back memories of Mr. Moser at Eagleville -- himself a part of the legacy -- meeting Coach Marinkov and witnessing how opposing coaches admired him.”


Today, David works for the U.S. Department of State in Washington. After Methacton, he earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at American University and is finishing his master's in Security Studies at Georgetown University. After graduating from Georgetown, David plans to continue his global diplomacy and national security career. However, he might obtain a PhD with dreams of becoming a college professor at some point, perhaps becoming an educator like Mr. McCann and Mr. Lepre.


When asked what his advice would be to current students, David has this to offer: “Seize the moment. Seize the opportunities. Those who came before you are rooting for you every step of the way. We are all part of the success of what makes Methacton so great.”