Owen McCue - MHS '14

Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 2/29/2024 10:00:00 AM



Owen McCue has carved out a successful career in the world of sports journalism. His professional journey has been marked by numerous milestones. “I've [had the opportunity] to cover both the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, multiple college football bowl games, the Flyers, Sixers and most recently the Phillies National League Championship Series.”


Although he spends most days telling the stories of top high school and collegiate athletes, the Class of 2014 graduate remains deeply connected to his alma mater -- finding joy in covering Methacton athletics and celebrating the achievements of students. He received the prestigious Keystone Press Award for his coverage of Methacton's boys’ basketball championship in 2020. Owen currently serves as the Assistant Editor at City of Basketball Love but his byline has also been featured in major publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Baseball America, and the Pottstown Mercury.


During his time at Methacton, Owen says he was an active and engaged student leader. He served as the editor of the Windy Hill, anchored the Warrior News, played on the varsity baseball team, and was inducted into the National Honor Society.


When asked about his favorite Methacton memory, Owen couldn’t choose one. He fondly remembers the thrill of pitching in a state playoff game. Another memorable moment was his vocal performance of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” in the always fun Mr. Methacton contest. “[I] also starred in a Film Fest video that might have been one of the worst acting performances of all-time.”


Reflecting on his high school experience, Owen credits Mr. Bill Clark as his greatest influence. “I always felt like he put in a lot of time that went unnoticed. He wanted to help make everything produced in the TV studio/newsroom as good as possible, even if the average eye might not tell a difference.” Mr. Clark inspired Owen to push his boundaries and provided the preparation he needed for undergrad at Temple University. “His class forced me to do things I didn't know I'd like to do and gave me confidence when I got to college to tackle new challenges.”


For current Methacton students, Owen shared this advice: "Try new things. It's okay if you're bad at them or find out maybe you're not as interested. Being unafraid to fail at something that might not be in your comfort zone is a great way to make sure you're enjoying life and can help you accomplish things you didn't know were possible."