Sara Markley - MHS '19

Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 1/19/2024

Less than five years ago, Sara Markley walked the halls of Methacton High School as a student. Today, she’s back in those same halls with a whole new perspective – and career -- as a Special Education teacher at her alma mater. “I have been really enjoying my time at Methacton High School. It is so great to be back and work with some of the teachers I had in high school.”


Sara attributes much of her personal and academic growth to two of her high school teachers -- Ms. McCauley and Mrs. Peterman. “Ms. McCauley always believed in me and always encouraged me to do my best. She is a teacher that I could trust and talk to when I was having a rough day. I always felt safe and welcomed in her classroom, and that is how I hope my students feel in my classroom.”


Of Mrs. Peterman, she said: “Mrs. Peterman was my math teacher junior year. She was always so kind and was always there to help when math started to get tough! She was always so supportive and knowledgeable -- she always had great advice.”


When asked about her favorite Methacton memory, Sara couldn’t choose just one. She said playing basketball and softball was a highlight of her life as a student. “I would not trade the experiences these sports gave me for anything! Playing sports and being part of a team taught me so much about working with others and helped me build my leadership skills. My favorite memory […] was going to Wildwood with the basketball team. Every year after Christmas, the team would take a bus down to the shore to play in the Wildwood Basketball Boardwalk Classic. All four years we made such good memories. Win or lose, we always had fun. It wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our three amazing coaches; Craig Kaminski, Kevin Kaminski, and Kaitlyn McGlynn.”


In the summer of 2018, Sara traveled with fellow classmates to Spain and Portugal. Mr. Ranieri and Mr. Alzamora served as the chaperones and Sara says it was a trip of a lifetime. “[It] was such a fantastic experience. I learned so much about other places and cultures.”


A teenage rite of passage also holds a very special place in Sara's heart and memories from her time as a student. She fondly remembers learning how to drive and the independence and responsibility it brought. "I went to high school with my sister Alyson for two years. [One] of my favorite memories [was] getting to drive her my junior and senior year."


After graduating from Methacton in 2019, Sara pursued a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education at West Chester University. Like so many others, her academic journey faced an unexpected twist with the onset of the pandemic. When her coursework was shifted online, she took the opportunity to branch out into another form of education. “During this time, I was able to nanny for a wonderful family and support their daughters through virtual learning while still furthering my education at WCU, virtually. This [caregiving] experience taught me so much […] and gave me real-life experience in navigating teaching.”


Sara believes that Methacton students should take advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to them. “Get involved! You will never regret being a part of a team or club at Methacton. It will help you immensely in your future regardless of what you decide to do.” She also reminds students that they are not alone in this journey. “Know that the teachers are there to help you. They want to see you succeed. Also, ask your school counselor questions! They are so knowledgeable about so many things.”


Sara is currently pursuing a master's in Education. She aims to expand her teaching certification and contribute further to her students' success.


“I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade at Audubon. I am so grateful to be able to return to the place where I spent the majority of my life. I love giving back to the community and the school that helped shape me into who I am today."