Chris Drummond - MHS '86

Posted by Methacton School District on 5/25/2023

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Chris Drummond is a proud Methacton graduate who loved this community so much that he remained here to raise his family and take on the family business. Chris had much to share as he reflected on his journey from Methacton High School to his current position as president of Penny's by Plaza Flowers. He’s always been a hard worker -- even as a student while juggling his academic responsibilities with his mother's burgeoning flower business. But, it was his experiences outside the classroom that had really shaped him.


After graduating from Ursinus College with a degree in Economics and Business Administration, Chris returned to the family business, eager to help it grow. He threw himself into the work. His dedication and expertise were soon recognized. He was honored as PA Florist of the Year, later served as president of the Pennsylvania Floral Industry Association, and was named a member of both the American Academy of Floriculture and Professional Floral Communicators International.


As he thought back on his Methacton years, Chris couldn't help but smile. His favorite memory was sitting on the hill with his friends, watching the baseball and soccer games. It was a time of camaraderie and relaxation, and a welcome break from the stresses of school and work.


But it was the influence of one teacher who really helped to shape Chris. Mr. Constable had demanded the best from his students, and pushed them to go above and beyond. He had taught Chris to listen more than he spoke, to continually learn, and to see things from multiple perspectives. “I remember him often saying things like, ‘This is good, but you’re better than this. Take another look, revise and bring the final version to me.’” It was a lesson that has served Chris well in his personal and professional life.

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When asked his advice for current Methacton students, Chris offered this: “[Y]ou are responsible for your success. So be positive and uncover your hidden talents. Know that every obstacle is actually a new opportunity. ‘I can...’ should be repeated in your head frequently. Surround yourself with a group of peers who support, encourage and challenge you, then stretch the limits of your mind and body.”


As he pondered his legacy, Chris knows that he has had much to be proud of. He has helped build a successful family business, he and his wife, Robin, have raised four children who are all Methacton graduates, and he’s served as a leader in the floral industry.


And as he looks forward to the future, Chris knows that he has the skills, the determination, and the Methacton spirit to tackle whatever comes his way.