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An Important Letter from Dr. Zerbe 2-26-22

Dear Methacton Families,

March 12, 2020 marked the beginning of what has been one of the most challenging periods of time in the history of our country and the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has influenced all facets of our lives, including the operation of public schools. The Methacton Board of School Directors, all volunteers from within our community, stepped forward to keep the safety of your children and our staff at the forefront of their decision making.


The consistent regard for the health, safety, and wellness of students, families, and staff during these past 23 months reflects the commitment of the Board to Methacton Schools. The Board of School Directors, together with the Superintendent, made safety-focused decisions without direct guidance from the federal, state or county governmental levels. The Board’s decisions and mitigation measures to keep children safe, including the masking of staff and students, prevented the virus spread within our schools while continuing to provide students with an exceptional education.


It goes without saying, but none of our School Directors signed up for making virus mitigation decisions. However, this is what they have done -- and by keeping the health and safety of students and staff at the forefront, did an extraordinary job during these most challenging times.

On February 25, 2022, the CDC issued new guidance on masking in schools. This guidance recommends masking indoors for schools that are in counties with “High” level of transmission. Transmission levels of “Low” and “Medium” do not have the masking recommendations. As of this notice, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is in the “Medium” transmission level.


The Board of School Directors and Superintendent have determined that the new CDC guidance provides a positive reset on the metrics used to determine levels and the associated masking recommendation. As a school entity that has followed the CDC guidance from the beginning of this pandemic, it is both enlightening and revealing that this pandemic is near its end.


A tremendous thank you to all of our Methacton students, staff, and families for everything you have done to mitigate the risks of COVID in our community.

The position of the Board has always been that when safe to remove masking requirements, it would move swiftly to accomplish this action. Therefore, today, 2/26/2022, beginning at 3:00PM EST, all Methacton Schools will proceed to a mask-optional environment.



Dr. David Zerbe

Superintendent of Methacton Schools


Note: Federal Transportation Mask Requirement is now eliminated as of 2/25/2022. CDC does not require wearing of masks on buses or vans operated by public or private school systems, including early care and education/child care programs.