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PA Dept. of Education Approves MSD to Provide Flexible Instructional Days

November 11, 2020

Dear Methacton Families:
As we plan to move into the winter weather season, it is important that you are aware of changes on how we will plan for instruction on inclement weather days. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has approved Methacton School District’s request to provide “Flexible Instructional Days” to our learners. This means that once impending weather requires the district to close, the district will announce to students, parents, and staff that a Flexible Instructional Day will be used in place of students attending in person. This will count as a full day of school and we will not have to make it up during the school year.
Flexible Instructional Days (FID) use a variety of strategies to provide instruction on regularly-scheduled school days when a different approach is necessary, typically due to inclement weather conditions. If a Flexible Instructional Day will be utilized, a communication message will go to all contacts in School Messenger and will be posted on our website and district social media. We will give families as much notice as possible. We believe that using a Flexible Instructional Day, or FID, will enable us to continue the learning for our students while they are at home much like our virtual learning model does now. This means that attendance will be taken as usual and assignment requirements must be met.

As a reminder, if a weather-related Flexible Instruction Day is required, students will resort to all online learning for that day. While this has less of a significant impact on our current situation, it will be a practice for the next 3 years. Please plan to have your child take their assigned device home when there is a chance of inclement weather in the forecast.

Dr. David A. Zerbe
Methacton School District