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A Statement from the Methacton Board of School Directors

A Statement from the Methacton Board of School Directors:


We recognize that diversity is a strength and see an immediate need for a dialogue that not only educates but also increases understanding, empathy, compassion and acceptance.  We are saddened that so many in our community are hurting and invite students, staff and community members to share their experiences with us. We are committed to promoting an environment that appreciates and celebrates our diversity so that all students are safe, heard and valued.  We look forward to your input so that we, as the Methacton School District community, can stand together against racism.  We are listening and will continue to listen.



Kim Aubrey-Larcinese, Board President
Liz Drummond, Board Vice-President
Jen Cancro
Mary Hull
Drew Maginnis
Ralph Navarrete
Semira Perdue
Andrea Rees
Paul Winters