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Arcola Appreciation Week

Hello Everyone,


     In order to promote kindness and to demonstrate appreciation for the people who are in our Arcola community, some of the 7th grade gifted seminar students are planning an Appreciation Week for April 23 - 26. Below is the agenda for the 4 days.




Dress-up Day



Tuesday, April 23

Custodians, Bus Drivers, Nurses, Secretaries, and Lunch Staff

Pajama Day


(bottoms must be appropriate length, no onesies)


Appreciating People That Make Us Feel Comfortable

  1. Positive notes of appreciation will be written to support staff
  2. Banner will be hung to promote Appreciation Week

Wednesday, April 24

Teachers, Principals, Guidance Counselors, Support Staff

Dress Like Your Teacher Day

(respectful attire only)


Appreciating the People That Teach Us At School

  1. Positive notes of appreciation will be written to teachers
  2. Hang positive sticky notes on lockers and around the school

Thursday, April 25

Peace and Love for Everyone in Our Community

Hippie Day


(no hats)

Appreciating Everyone in Our Community And Spreading Good Vibes

  1. Hold a Positive Petals Scavenger Hunt. Students will turn in petals for pencils at lunch on Friday
  2. Hang positive fliers in the stairwells, classrooms, and on the back of bathroom stall doors

Friday, April 26


Beach Day


(no swimsuits)

Appreciating Our Friends That Make Our Lives Bright and Sunny

  1. Positive notes of appreciation will be written to friends
  2. Redeem Positive Petals for Pencils at lunch
  3. Deliver all notes to homerooms




Patty McGinnis, Ed.D.

National Board Certified Teacher

Arcola Gifted Seminar Program