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MHS Implements Schoolwide SmartPass Pilot Program


On January 24th, Methacton High School implemented the schoolwide use of SmartPass, a digital hall pass system. This system is part of a pilot program with the primary goal to provide an accounting of which students are outside of the classroom during the school day. Students and staff can access SmartPass from their school-provided Chromebook using the link on the Methacton Launchpad. While the app is also available for students to download onto their personal smartphone, it is not a requirement.



SmartPass Facts


SmartPass “Tracking” and Data

  • SmartPass does not use GPS to track student location at any time. It is a digital version of typical sign out sheets used in classrooms today.
  • Students can use the system to schedule passes for a future time while at home during the school week and on weekends.
  • SmartPass adheres to FERPA and COPPA student privacy measures.


Mobile Phones vs. Chromebooks

  • Students can access SmartPass on their school-provided Chromebook. Downloading the SmartPass mobile app on a smartphone is optional. It provides students the same information as on the Chromebook.



  • It is important to know the whereabouts of students. SmartPass provides an accounting that can be useful in emergency situations (fires, intruders, etc.), where pulling a roster of students with active hall passes is critical to emergency services.


Pass Time Limits

  • Pass time limits are customized by school administrators and are guidelines for the time students actually take in the hallway. The goal is to have ultimate student accountability, so even if the pass time is expiring, the intention is to have an accurate account of which students are currently outside of the classroom.


You can read more about SmartPass at the vendor’s website:

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