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Congratulations Award of Excellence Winners Mary Chantry and Carrie Brower!

Methacton Award of Excellence
For the significant contribution they make to the district in supporting their colleagues, our students and their families, as well as our entire community, Superintendent Dr. David Zerbe presents the Methacton Award of Excellence to two valued members of our staff per month - one member of our support staff, and one member of our teaching staff. The individuals you see pictured below have made significant contributions to our school community!  Please join us in thanking and honoring them for their work here in the Methacton School District. Methacton PRIDE!

October - Woodland Elementary School

Carrie Brower

Carrie Brower, First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brower possesses all the attributes of an amazing educator.  Her main priority:  helping students grow.  Mrs. Brower doesn’t stop with helping students grow academically. Each and every day, Mrs. Brower creates an environment where students grow emotionally, socially, and academically.  Her classroom is warm, inviting, and child-centered.  Educating the whole child is something that Mrs. Brower has down for over a decade at Woodland Elementary School.  You can stop in at any time during the day to Mrs. Brower’s first grade class room and see children smiling from ear to ear.  This is because Mrs. Brower raises students’ confidence, focuses on their strengths, and gives them a reason to try.  Every student is made to feel unique, special and talented in Mrs. Brower’s room.  Mrs. Brower is an amazing asset to the Methacton School District and exemplifies the definition of an outstanding educator. 

Mary Chantry

Mary Chantry, Third Grade Instructional Aide

Mrs. Chantry has been a part of the Methacton community for decades.  Her dedication, compassion, and strong work ethic make her a staple of the Woodland community.  At the drop of a hat, Mrs. Chantry will rearrange her day to meet student’s needs.  She goes above and beyond to help any staff member who needs it.  Mrs. Chantry is always smiling and positive which adds to Woodland’s positive school culture. In fact, when someone is having a bad day, they know they can go see Mary and everything will be all right.   Mrs. Chantry is respected by the entire staff and student body.  People turn to her for advice on all issues and Mrs. Chantry is always willing to lend a hand; or an ear for that matter.  We are comforted to know that Mrs. Chantry is in our corner at all times because she is a loyal, professional, and truly amazing part of our Woodland School.