• It is the mission of the Technology Education Department to:

    • Have students develop an insight and an understanding of our technological society and the current emerging trends that will effect them.
    • Help students develop technological problem solving and decision making abilities utilizing critical, ethical and creative thinking skills.
    • Reinforce the students' basic skills that interrelate technology with other school subjects and prepare the students for lifelong learning in a technological society.
    • Have students develop attitudes and abilities in the proper use of tools, processes and resources of technological and industrial systems.
    • Have students explore and develop human potential related to responsible work, leisure and citizenship roles in a technological society.

    Technology Education at Arcola:

    The Technology Education program at Arcola is a 45 period curriculum.  The 45 periods are composed of two experiences.  Each experience utilize a variety of technologies. 

    7th grade curriculum:
                       Drafting and Materials Technology 
     8th grade curriculum:  
                      Metal Manipulation and Advanced Wood Technology. 

    Links to the four Technology Education curriculum areas can be found on the Technology Education Home Page.