• Art

    At Arcola our goal in the visual arts is to develop the skills and techniques used in expressive activities and to foster an understanding and appreciation for cultural and historical influences. Students have art class one marking period out of the school year in seventh and eighth grades. This condensed rotating schedule allows each student to experience an in depth, versatile study of a variety of media and subjects in art.

    The nine week, or 45 day, marking period is broken down into two sessions consisting of approximately 22 days per session. Students rotate among the two teachers and the subjects that they teach for the marking period.

    Every student is required to keep a sketch book throughout their art experience at Arcola. They are responsible for six drawings, which are assigned as homework and will be due on a specific date determined by the teacher. They also have the option of visiting an art gallery on the Internet and selecting a famous work of art to critique. This can be done as an alternative to doing a drawing.

    Grading Policy
    As a student in art class at Arcola you will be engaged in various art activities, which will be evaluated on a point system:

                               100 points- lab work (class projects, tests)

                                25 points- class conduct

                                60 points- three homework assignments (sketches)

    It is possible to earn a total of 185 points in each of the two sessions, making 370 the total number of points the student can earn for the entire art rotation. In addition to work completed in class, there are six sketches assigned as homework. The art staff consider these drawings a very important component of the students art experience.