• Welcome to Skyview Upper Elementary School!
    Skyview School Counselors Welcome You to the School Counseling Department
    At Skyview, students and families access quality school counseling services provided by Pennsylvania State certified elementary counselors. The two elementary school counselors housed at Skyview continue the long standing tradition of the Methacton School Counselors to provide students with a developmental school counseling program.

    The Components of a Developmental School Counseling Program

    Elementary school counselors play an important role in an upper elementary school setting. Classroom developmental guidance and other counseling services are provided in this setting in order to positively impact children's growth and development: emotionally, socially, mentally, and physically. Counseling, Consultation, and Coordination are the three areas of service that school counselors employ in order to meet student's needs.

    Skyview Upper Elementary fifth and sixth grade students and families will benefit from the following services:

    Counseling Services:


    • Individual Student Counseling
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Classroom Based Counseling
    • Career Development Activities
    • Study Skills, Time Management and Organizational Skill Building
    • Character Education Programming
    • Bullying Prevention Programming
    • Parent Programs
    • Consultative Services


    Confidentiality is essential in a counseling relationship. However, confidentiality cannot be maintained if one intends to harm oneself or someone else and in cases of abuse. In these cases, the proper authorities will be notified.

    Consultative Services:

    School counselors consult with teachers, parents, students, and administrators in order to determine student needs. This service is provided through, but not limited to team meetings with teachers, instructional support meetings, conferences with parents, and contacts with outside service agencies.

    Coordination Services:

    Many of the services that the counselors provide involve other people. Because of this, the counselors often coordinate meetings, delivery of services, and school testing to help students achieve their full potential.

    How can students contact their counselor?

    Students may request to see their counselor by completing a slip that is located in each of his/her classrooms or by speaking to any of his/ her teachers. The counselor assigned to that grade will then schedule an appointment to meet with the student. If a student has an emergency or an urgent need to see a counselor, the student or the classroom teacher will contact the counselor immediately. Parents can also call the guidance office to have the school counselor meet with their child. The school counselors can also be reached by email.

    Who is my counselor?
    Mrs. Hadrick and Mrs. VanBuren loop with the students during their time enrolled at Skyview.  The looping concept gives students and their families an opportunity to establish and build a relationship with one counselor.  Each counselor works with one grade at a time and moves from fifth to sixth grade with the student and their family.  


Last Modified on October 18, 2018