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    **Saturday, April 27th** -

    Annual Community Star Party - See Star Party Page for details


    Friday, May 17th

    6:30-7:30 p.m. (Target Audience 5 & Up)

    -Celestial Highlights & We Are Stars - Great for future astronomers

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            What are we made of? Where did it all come from? Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, and our explosive origins with this brilliantly animated full dome movie. Concepts that will be interesting to older students and parents presented in a format that will be enjoyable for all ages.  Connect life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe by following the formation of Hydrogen atoms to the synthesis of Carbon, and the molecules for life. We Are Stars presents humanity’s current understanding of where everything, including us, came from.


    8:00-9:00 p.m. (Target Audience 10 & Up)

    -Celestial Highlights & Faster Than Light-NEW NEW NEW

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            This brand new full dome movie explores the longstanding quest to develop spacecraft with enough power and speed to reach the stars. The film asks: What will it take to reach a newly discovered planet circling our Sun’s nearest neighbor, Proxima Centauri? Based on real science and engineering, “Faster Than Light” takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the future, aboard laser-driven space sails, antimatter engines, and even warp drive – right out of science fiction.