• Emergency Evacuation Procedures

    Methacton School District’s primary responsibility is to protect and secure the safety of all our students.  If a situation arises where the safety of the students may be compromised, the District has an action plan developed in conjunction with our emergency service partners which will be put into action.  For your information, the following guidelines are provided:


    • When the situation warrants, our first response will be to try to move the students to another facility on campus where their needs will be addressed by the teachers and administrators most familiar with your child.  Every attempt will be made for the student’s education to continue.  Students will not be sent home early unless School District Administration and local emergency services determine that it is unsafe for the students to remain in the new location.  Every effort will be made to retain and accommodate students, especially elementary students, until their regular dismissal time.
    • In the event it is deemed necessary to send the students home or evacuated to another safe and secure site before the normal dismissal time, parents will be notified via our mass notification system and the Methacton School District website. The auto-caller will access the current information stored in our student information system.  It is vital that parents keep your child’s contact information current.
    • Arrangements will be made to transport ALL students home by bus as soon as it is safe to do so.  The campus may be closed to all parent traffic to allow for necessary movement of emergency vehicles and the buses.  Parents should wait for their children to be delivered to their normal bus stops.
    • When a situation demands the immediate evacuation of the school campus, the students and staff will be transported to a secure, predetermined location until parents/guardians are notified to pick up their child at this temporary location.
    • Parent Reunification.  Please understand that the parent-child reunification process involves 3 basic steps
      1. Parent will be asked to present photo identification to school staff prior to picking up their child.
      2. School Personnel will locate the child and bring the child to the parent/guardian making the request.
      3. The parent will sign for the release of the child/children once the child/children are delivered to them. 
    • We will do our best to keep parents informed of the details and timelines associated with the early dismissals or evacuations using our website:   www. methacton.org  and Alert Now.  Please do not call the schools for updates and information.  We will need our phone lines for emergency communications.


    Certainly, we hope to never to have to use these plans.  However, we do ask that you talk with your child and create a plan for your home in case we do have a situation that requires us to implement these Emergency Evacuation Plans.  To help minimize your child’s concerns, please assure him/her that his/her teachers and principals will take very good care of them until they can be sent home.  It is a good idea to have back-up home plans for your child’s care and safety in the event that you are unable to arrive home before your child.


    Emergencies require unusual actions.  We pledge to make the best decision that we can to assure everyone’s safety.  With your cooperation, we believe that these plans will permit us to guard the safety of our staff and students.