• Arcola Book Thieves - preselected: This is the Reading Olympics Club. We meet to read any of the 45 titles required for this year’s competition.  We will discuss the titles and participate in mock competitions during club periods until our competition night in March.  The competition occurs after school hours with three competitions against three different teams at Pope John Paul.  The rest of the club periods for the year will be spent as book club periods.  

    Arcola Connection - preselected:The focus of this club is on community service. Members serve as ambassadors to various groups within the Arcola community and outside the school.  In the fall, members plan, facilitate and host a new student social. Throughout the school year, members work on various service projects such selling concessions at Basket Bingo to support the American Cancer Society, collecting donations to help the homeless in Norristown, and selling Valentine’s greetings to help the SPCA. Students also work with their Arcola peers to provide tutoring and mentoring support to other students. At the end of the year, members provide tours of Arcola to the incoming 7th Grade students from Skyview.

    Best Buddies Club:To establish and maintain meaningful relationships between individuals with and without disabilities. Students will be paired with a buddy with a disability. They will be required to make daily and/or weekly contact with their buddy in school and attend some of the scheduled activities outside of the school day. Students will also have the responsibility of setting up activities for the club in and out of school and creating fundraisers to raise money for the club.

    Coding/Stem club: All levels of experience are welcome!  The coding/stem club is an opportunity to learn how to code and program computers and little robots using a variety of coding languages.  You will have the chance to explore block-coding, html, etc.  As you start to learn, you will be able to work with others to complete different stem challenges.  The stem challenges will include topics based on engineering, math, art and technology.  

    Creative Writing Club: Imagine a place where you can be free to express your ideas--a place where you can bounce your ideas off of other eager writers! Do you long to fill up a notebook with all the wonderful places, characters and themes you have created in your mind, free from the judgement of a grade? Write a short story, poem, song lyrics; it’s your choice!

    Crochet Club: Join us to help make and donate blankets to local organizations.

    Film Irony and Morals Club: Students will watch classic 1960's Twilight Zone episodes and discuss irony and twist of fate.

    Frisbee: Do you play Ultimate Frisbee?  In this club we will be playing versions of the game with lots of running and exercise.  We will play both indoors and outdoors. 

    G.O.A.T. Club:  (8th grade students):Don't get enough time during the school day to talk with friends?..well now you can get your chance!This club will discuss current topics and trends in the lives of 8th graders.

    Girls Ensemble - preselected:  Auditioned Girls vocal group

    Harry Potter Club: Do you enjoy Harry Potter?  How about reading, discussing, and watching the films with friends?  If you said yes, sign up for the Harry Potter Club!  We will meet during B and F days to talk about our favorite characters, read favorite passages together, and watch the films.

    IRP Club: Enjoy reading but finding it hard to have the time? Are you struggling to get your reading done and need more time? The independent reading club is for you! We will spend club time actively engaged in reading. We can also discuss and plan book club collaborations for those who are interested. Bring a snack and a good book and join us for some quiet time.

    Jazz Band - preselected: Club used to further the skills of the Arcola Jazz Band

    Math Counts - preselected: Math competition team

    NJHS - preselected: National Junior Honor Society

    Philanthropy Club - preselected: Organize all facets of selected community service projects

    S.L.O.O.T.H. : Orchestra and non-orchestra students take on leadership and management responsibilities that help the orchestra rehearsals and lessons operate at optimum productivity.  Responsibilities include both performing and non-performing roles. 

    Student Congress: Student Congress is looking for enthusiastic, energetic, motivated students, with lots of school spirit, to run the club this year.  Students will help to organize spirit days, dances, and fundraising events.

    Study Hall: Productive time spent doing homework and other school related projects/assignments

    The Appollo Club - preselected: Students help to publish Arcola's literary magazine, The Apollo

    Toys for Tots - preselected: Students design and manufacture toys for Marines Toys for Tots project

    Yearbook Club: Students take pictures, process orders and help with other tasks relating to the creation of the Arcola Yearbook.