• Methacton Award of Excellence
    For the significant contribution they make to the district in supporting their colleagues, our students and their families, as well as our entire community, Superintendent Dr. David Zerbe presents the Methacton Award of Excellence to two valued members of our staff per month - one member of our support staff, and one member of our teaching staff. The individuals you see pictured below have made significant contributions to our school community!  Please join us in thanking and honoring them for their work here in the Methacton School District. Methacton PRIDE!

    February - Worcester Elementary School

    Jen Slater  

    Sue Fazio – Worcester Office Assistant

    Sue is retiring as one of Worcester’s Office Assistants at the end of this year. She comes to school EVERY day with a positive attitude and smile! Sue’s connection with our students begins with the office and continues into lunch and recess. She supports students with requests to call home and missed bus or car pick-ups. Sue is the model office greeter making families feel welcome. Sue also shows off her culinary skills by treating the staff to rice krispies treats, gingerbread men, and her infamous pasta. Yes, she did make it to Bobby Flay’s cooking show – she’s that good!

    Sue Fazio

    Jen Slater – Worcester Reading Specialist

    Jen is the most flexible, yet structured teacher we know at Worcester. As our building reading specialist, she leads the way for our benchmark testing throughout the year. She collaborates with classroom teachers to sort through data and enhance instructional strategies. Jen is never too busy to assist a colleague. She is also always willing to plan events to celebrate reading! Jen’s professionalism goes above and beyond each day at Worcester.

    January - Woodland Elementary School

    noreen fusco class

    Noreen Fusco - Woodland Recess Aide

    Noreen has been Woodland’s recess aide for years.  Her primary goal is always keeping kids safe on the playground.  She is conscientious, fair, and hard working.  For four hours a day, Noreen walks around the Woodland property, whistle in hand, monitoring students during their free recess time.  She is alert and pays attention to every student to make sure they are enjoying their free time in a safe way.  If a child gets injured, she is quick to respond.  You can hear Noreen over the radio communicating with the nurse, secretary, counselor, and principal.  During indoor recess, Noreen can be found walking from room to room keeping the volume down while ensuring the students have safe, indoor fun.   Noreen is respectful to both students and teachers and is a key member of the Woodland staff. 


    Rebecca Flaherty and Class

    Rebecca Flaherty - Grade 3 Teacher

    Mrs. Rebecca Flaherty is a third grade teacher at Woodland.  Although Becca is an experienced educator, there are many “new” things that have happened to her this year.  She has faced every challenge with grace and professionalism.  First, Becca was an Audubon teacher and is now part of a whole new faculty at Woodland.  This is the first year she is teaching third grade with a brand new ELA resource.  Not one of Becca’s former teammates is on her current third grade team.  Lastly, Becca welcomed a new baby to her family last spring.  Becca has handled all the change and “newness” of this year with positivity and excitement.  She has made a great connection with the teachers on her third grade team and has made an effort to get to know other teachers at Woodland.  Becca shares her ideas but is still eager to learn from her teammates.  You can always count on Becca to have a smile on her face and look at the bright side of any situation.  She is loyal, conscientious, and dedicated to teaching children.  Mrs. Flaherty is the definition of a TEAM player and is an asset to the Woodland staff. 

    December - First Student Transportation at Methacton &
    Aramark Food Services at Methacton


    Carol Bickel and Friends

    Carol Bickel – Aramark Food Services

    Ms. Bickel makes a positive impact on the Arcola/Skyview community by enriching and nourishing the lives of our students each and every day. Since being promoted to head cook in September 2016, Carol has raised the bar for the food service program at Arcola/Skyview. Her attention to detail and focus on quality and freshness have resulted in increased student satisfaction and participation. Carol prepares over 500 meals a day and coordinates service for both schools, always with a smile on her face and willing to take on a new challenge. From batch cooking made-from-scratch chili for the elementary schools to preparing delicious pulled pork sandwiches and hearty chicken and rice soup, Carol plays a very important role in our efforts to increase our scratch cooked offerings.  Her focus on delivering the best possible experience for our students and faculty makes her a true asset to the cafeteria program at Methacton School District.


    Harry Williams and Friends

    Harry Williams – First Student Transportation Services

    Mr. Williams has been a school bus driver for Methacton since graduating from Methacton 30 years ago.  He continues to be an excellent driver for First Student so I was very excited when he applied for the Routing Assistant position within our office.  Harry has proven to be a wonderful addition to our staff.  He is always so friendly and courteous to parents, customers and co-workers.  Harry is very dedicated and excited to learn everything he possibly can.  What a joy it is to work side by side with him every day.  His training, knowledge of the district, and hard work supporting this year's routing project has been nothing short of excellent. I look forward to seeing Harry succeed and move up within the company.  He is a valued asset to our team.       


    November - Eagelville Elementary School 

    Annette Cramer

    Annette Cramer – School Nurse

    Mrs. Cramer is a supportive school nurse. She cares a lot about the Eagleville school community; students can count on her every day. She makes it her business to learn about the students and families in our school so that she can establish relationships with them that help her to serve them in the best possible way. She spearheads all of the giving programs that help families in need. She serves as Watchdog Dad program coordinator; and as a positive role model for our wellness program, Annette coordinates wellness outings and activities for staff. Mrs. Cramer is an asset to the Eagleville family and a staple in the Methacton community. 


    Jennifer Smith

    Jen Smith – Math Support Title I Instructional Aide

    Even though Ms. Smith joined the Eagleville family just last year, she has had an impact on the students and staff. She assesses students for math needs and provides instructional support to them. Always professional and positive, Jen offers to help any student! She works closely with Cindy Golden to improve student achievement in math.


    October - Arrowhead Elementary School


    Professional Staff - Mary Beth Moyer 

    Mary Beth Moyer is the epitome of a natural teacher.  On a daily basis she challenges her students to think, collaborate, and have fun.  She incorporates a wide variety of instructional strategies to engage students in learning.  Her use of technology in the classroom is exceptional.  In addition, she provides students with a warm, caring, and nurturing environment.  Mrs. Moyer is not only a strong student advocate but she exhibits the essence of a true team player.  She always willing to help anyone in need!  Thank you for all that you do for Arrowhead students, families, and staff! 


    Sandra Portzer

    Support Staff: Sandy Portzer

    Ms. Portzer is a strong student advocate.  The daily support and care she provides to Arrowhead students and faculty is a true inspiration.  Sandy is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs assistance.  She is conscientious, reliable, flexible, kind, and friendly.  Our students love Mrs. Portzer! When you think of our district and school theme as TEAM (Together, Everyone Achieves, More), you think of Sandy Portzer because she is the ultimate team ultimate team player! Thank you Sandy!